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It’s time to discover the past


Fans of the iconic ABC Family/Freeform series Pretty little Liars are going to have a treat (or maybe it’s a trick?) this summer. A returns to the screens with the HBO Max series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sinwhich is set to begin airing on July 28. The series follows a new set of teenagers in the same universe as the original show, but in a new town, dealing with all new secrets.

The new liars are Bailee Madison (good witch, A week away) like Imogen, Chandler Kinney (lethal weapon) like Tabby, Maia Reficco (Kally’s mashup) as Noa, Malia Pyles (batman) as Minnie, Zaria (Blackish) as Faran, and Mallory Bechtel (Hereditary) like Karen.


The new group doesn’t just mind their own secrets; they are dealing with the ones their parents made 20 years ago. What secrets could be hiding in their town of Millwood? With a teenage mom, a movie buff, a runner who spent the summer in a juvenile detention center, a bully, a ballerina, and a daughter who prefers to live in the virtual world, the possibilities for secrets are endless. The series leans more into horror and mystery elements than the original, which means it might not just be about scary dolls and text that plagues teenagers this time around.

HBO Max released a trailer on June 15, along with a new look for the show’s social media pages. Only a minute long, it’s packed with information that hints at what’s in store for the characters in July.


During the teaser, viewers watch the new A mangle photos of the Liars. Imogen is a Polaroid, possibly from before she was pregnant, cut in half. Some of Tabby’s film negatives, presumably chosen because of his love of the industry, are placed in a bucket that could be a bath of bleach, causing them to melt. Minnie’s photo is on a missing poster, indicating where her story may lead.

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The text on the poster is in the first person, saying she is lost, and asking people to help find her. A runs the poster through a paper shredder. Faran, the ballerina, has a school portrait above A’s desk. New A stabs the picture through the eyes with a fingernail, toe shoes dangling. Noa’s police report is burned, potentially hinting at why she went to court. Could the photos hint at past and future plots and the fate that awaits liars?


At the opening of the teaser, the new A is holding a teddy bear. The bear has seen better days, his nose quite dirty and the ribbon around his neck untied. Does the bear belong to someone from 20 years ago, or is it an A? There is also a music box filled with strands of pearls and other necklaces, in addition to other strange objects. A ticket stub is in the upper right corner, but it’s unclear what it is.

A photo of Imogen and her mother is top left, with an upside-down Polaroid below. There’s something wrong, like he didn’t develop properly. A broken doll lies at the bottom of the box. There’s also the obvious note that says, “You’re a bad mother.” To whom it is addressed is uncertain, but its meaning is clear.

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When Imogen’s cut photo falls, it lands near a crown and a book inside the music box. Could the crown be hinting at what happened all those years ago? Maybe something with a pageant winner or a prom queen. The book with a pink cover may be someone’s diary of the time. Is that how new A knows what happened? The handwritten note next to the crown is upside down in the teaser, but when turned the right way, it mentions an “Angela” and someone who goes by the pronouns “he/him.”

But who is Angela? An Instagram post from the showrunner, writer and producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared part of his story and confirmed that filming for the show has been completed. Angela and her mother, Rose, lived in a house in Millwood until something happened to Angela. His peers, as part of the Class of 1999, say they don’t know what happened, but someone still does. Could the crown and the book belong to him? Is the music box hers? Who wrote the note that talked about her? The subtle mention, combined with the Instagram post, confirms which secret the teens will be tasked with unmasking.

The final item of note, displayed at the top of the book, is a pendant with the letter “D” on it. Who is D? Certainly not Angela, her mother, or any of the liars we know. But it matches the name of one of the liar’s mothers. Imogen’s mother, Davie (Carly Pope, Ava DeMary). Could her mother have had something to do with what happened to Angela? Does the music box belong to Davie? But, if so, why would she have a note about being a bad mother? Was it sent to him by A?

The teaser gives excited fans a hint as to what’s to come and also gives them clues as to what the plot will be like if they know how to connect the dots. Will the Liars find out what happened to Angela? We’ll find out once their journey begins on July 28. Until then, you can watch the original series on HBO Max and see what the original Liars had to say to the next generation.