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Jada Kingdom Drags Asian Ex-BFF Doll Says She Slept With Lil TJay Behind Rubi Rose Back


Jada Kingdom says she and Asian Doll are no longer friends and the rapper slept with Lil TJay and goes after Rubi Rose.

Four months after sharing a New Year’s kiss and appearing to be joined by the hips, Jada Kingdom and rapper Asian Doll are at loggerheads with Jada’s boyfriend Nas EBK claiming Asian slept with an opps for 10 $000 and she was sleeping with Lil Tjay behind Rubi Rose’s back while being her friend.

It’s a messy Monday as the two rappers go back and forth on social media. It’s unclear what started all the drama, but there’s a live video showing Jada Kingdom man Nas EBK claiming Asian Doll slept with an opps in which she replies that the next rapper lives from Jada.

“Who I f***d for 10 bands,” she shouts as Nas EBK names a person she allegedly slept with who is the complete opposite of her late ex-boyfriend King Von.

“What me and Jada did, we b***es n***ah,” we hear from Asian on Nas EBK.

“You want to come between two friends, we took you in, you’re a messy nigga…you’ve become two best friends,” Asian Doll said in a live video.

Jada Kingdom later responded to all the drama in a separate live video where she alleged the two got into a fight because she wasn’t interested in club hopping.

Asian Doll and Kingdom of Jada

“I hear that I am a false friend. I’m a fake friend for telling him about her, aren’t I? For telling him ‘yow, let’s stop jumping in clubs’ when this club is supposed to book us to be there,” Jada begins.

“I don’t want her to be upset, she’s crazy. The next day, even in a week, she does another interview, three interviews in a week. Tell me what little YouTuber can ask me for a video interview and then touch my boobs, me kiss my face, it cheapens my image, it’s wrong and she doesn’t want to do that… booze and clubbing she doesn’t want not hear that,” she added.

“It’s been a good two months and she wants to bring shit to the media, all that extra shit and it’s not cute,” Jada said, adding that many people in the industry have warned her to be friends. with Asians. Doll.

She added that for Asian’s birthday, she spent her last money on a gift for Asian Doll when she never made the effort to buy her a gift in return.

Meanwhile, Jada says she was ready to stop in Atlanta to fight Asian Doll, but the latter had said she wouldn’t be home but later said she was coming to Miami to fight her. .

Jada Kingdom also denied that the arguments between the women had to do with her relationship with Nas EBK.

“She ran to New York and I was there when this New York saga started. The first time we were there, Nas was there, Dougie was there, she ran to Dougie like she’d known him forever. That same night she put Dougie’s name in a song and just after that she got the DB tattooed on her forehead Dougie looked at his friends and said he didn’t know if he could take this shit seriously “like I admire Von”.

She added that since then the relationship between them deteriorated and things ended on Sunday.

“Everyone around this girl is falling out with this girl,” Jada says.