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JAIN College Repositions Future-Ready Humanities Program – India Education | Latest Education News | World Education News


The humanities are part of an interconnected world that produces a broad and deep forestry education 21st preparation for the career of the century. Humanities studies are broad by design, and the value of humanities in education is equally broad.

With a need to understand, experience, facilitate, integrate and reflect on human existence, evolution, intellectual heritage, life transitions and universal calling, JAIN College has introduced and recently inaugurated the pre-university humanities program at its VV Puram campus in Bengaluru.

Powered by Knowledgeum, the Humanities curriculum is a good blend of learner-centered curriculum and pedagogy. The highly engaging and intellectually challenging 2-year program is designed by expert researchers and industry practitioners and includes a rigorous course structure and “skills pathways” such as the Speaking Curriculum, Education for life skills and digital badges. These pathways help students acquire a solid academic foundation as well as enriching skills that are an asset for life.

The inaugural Humanities event marked by the presence of Dr. Chenraj Roychand, Founding Chairman, JAIN Group and Ms. Aparna Prasad, Founder, Knowledgeum as key guests. The start of the event involved Dr. Roychand’s speech to the students. He stated, It’s not university life, it’s an ecosystem. You have 24 hours and you need to arrange the same.” He urged students to collect, learn, understand and articulate information to succeed in their business.

Expressing her vision to reposition the Humanities curriculum as one of the most demanding and forward-looking programs in the education sector, Ms. Aparna Prasad said: “We are all co-creators of a new beginning. Let’s dream big, shape our aspirations and give wings to our imagination to set our goals in the right direction. It’s time to break the mold of the humanities curriculum and prepare for a bold new future of study and work!”

After the exciting inaugural day, various sessions on topics such as “the relevance and dimension of the humanities,” grooming and etiquette,” “the culture of research,” “the importance of life skills,” etc motivated and guided students on various aspects.

The week-long orientation program concluded with āvṛtti, where the students showcased their speaking skills, singing skills, dancing skills and model exhibition. Models included Shakespeare’s World Theatre, Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, India’s Nationalists, Separation of Powers: Legislative Control, Acclimation, Bobo Doll Experiment, Konark’s Inspirations, left brain, right brain theory and many interesting topics.