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June was in the throes of leftist madness


With so much leftist madness this month, pull up a chair and enjoy or sob.

The left-wing madness continued in June as liberals went mad over the Supreme Court’s decision pushing abortion back to individual states, including the rights, sovereignty, liberty and independence of the State are protected in the 10th Amendment for those matters clearly not expressed in the Constitution.

Liberals call Clearance Thomas a “n*gger with death threats and Twitter doesn’t ban posts.

Barbara Streisand calls the Supreme Court the American Taliban. If that’s true, Biden will be giving away $85 billion worth of guns any day.

When the Conservatives lose a case, they have a day of prayer. When the Liberals lose a case, they hold a “Night of Rage” targeting churches and pregnancy life centers with vandalism and arson with chants of “Death to the Supreme Court.”

Abortion activists interrupt church services by stripping their clothes and shouting, “My body, my choice.” Perhaps if they read the Bible they would realize that 1 Corinthians 6:19 states that our bodies belong to God.

I remember those shouting “My body, my choice” as the same ones who tried to force everyone on experimental medicine into our bodies against our will.

Prior to the ruling, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer referred to the women as “menstruating people.”

Miss Universe insists: “Not everyone who menstruates is female.” She must have failed biology.

Mattel presented a pregnant Ken doll.

Suddenly, with a Supreme Court decision, Democrats embrace the insurgency and find out what a woman is.

Ultimately, each state will decide when life begins and when a child’s death begins. The more liberal the state, the more the abortion industry will prosper.

Despite death threats against Supreme Court justices; Democrats voted to reject HR 7705, the Supreme Court’s policing parity law that would provide the Supreme Court and their families with the same security afforded to the legislative and executive branches.

A gunman is charged with the attempted murder of Judge Kavanaugh. The same Democrats voting for their own safety voted against protecting Supreme Court justices. It looks like the Democrats would love for a conservative judge to be assassinated to fill the seat with a radical.

Let us remember what Senator Chuck Schumer said: “I want to tell you…. Kavanaugh: You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go ahead with these horrible decisions. »

Isn’t that an incitement to violence that, by the same standards, should necessitate Schumer’s arrest?

So what did Fake News Media have to say about the Kavanaugh assassination attempt? Nothing. Sunday shows from CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN totally ignored him.

Democrats also learned about the Second Amendment that it protects Americans and their constitutional right to carry a gun. Does Nancy Pelosi know that drunk drivers kill more people than legal gun owners? Maybe she could ask her husband. Paul Pelosi was arrested for driving under the influence and had caused an accident had his case “buried from the public”; in a clear case of “white liberal privilege”. Let’s see if he will face criminal charges.

The same Democrats who are responsible for leaving 300,000 guns to the Taliban and supplying thousands of assault weapons to Ukraine are now lecturing Americans on gun control.

Schumer blocks the Republicans’ school safety bill days after a mass shooting.

California is #1 in gun control legislation and also #1 consistently in active shooter incidents nationwide.

Democrat Don Beyer has proposed a 1000% tax on those who buy an AR-15.

West Virginia woman with gun shoots and kills shooting man at graduation party: ‘Saved multiple lives.’ The media largely ignored the story.

In another case, the Supreme Court ruled that private prayer in school is constitutional. Yet Sports Illustrated claims that prayer in sports “erodes democracy”, but apparently kneeling to our national anthem is not.

Russia threatens US after Biden supplied long-range missiles to Ukraine, implying US cities will be targeted. Biden is making things worse for America.

An anti-Trump supporter crashes his car into a Trump merchandise store in Massachusetts.

The Democrats’ January 6 Commission was a huge flop that no one cared about. President Trump was robbed of an election and they are outraged that he sought alternative voters for the 2020 election, which constitutionally must come from state lawmakers. That would be Article 1, Section 4 of the United States Constitution. Yet the same Democrats, like Jamie Raskin, criticizing Trump for calling out alternative voters had done the same after the 2016 election with false accusations that Trump was colluding with Russia. Democrats have also tried to stop certification of the Electoral College vote in 2000, 2004, as well as 2016.

Nick Quested, the Democrats’ star witness, claimed ‘Someone in authority left the door open’ on Capitol Hill while Ashli ​​Babbitt’s widower claims commission ignored her death. The commission also omitted from Trump, “Go home with love and in peace.” “Peacefully and Patriotically”

The commission never explained why Nancy Pelosi rejected the Trump DOD’s Jan. 2 offer to deploy National Guard troops to the Capitol on Jan. 6?

I am still awaiting hearings on the 13 Americans who were murdered during our failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

If cellphone geotagging can be reliably used by the Biden DOJ to establish whether a Jan. 6 defendant was inside or outside the Capitol Gate, why can’t it be used so reliable to establish whether those who committed electoral fraud were at the polls?

Arizona Democrat Guillemina Fuentes, who was exposed by a whistleblower for voter fraud, pleads guilty to using her position as Democratic Party leader to illegally harvest ballots in the stolen 2020 election The scheme involved advance ballots from other voters being collected and dropped into a ballot box. Enjoy the jail.

Former Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman Michael Myers has pleaded guilty to multiple charges of voter fraud, including unlawful ballot stuffing for Democratic candidates, bribery and ballot tampering.

A woman is being prosecuted in Texas on 26 counts of voter fraud while more than 500 other voter fraud cases await trial.

A Florida man has been sentenced to three years in prison for voter fraud while 10 others await trial for committing voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Frank Aquila is president of the conservative Patriots of San Joaquin Stanislaus. It can be emailed to [email protected]