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Kennebunk, Maine, the brewery looks like a festive Christmas village



If you are looking to get into the Christmas spirit this is the place to go

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas in most places. If you stop by Baston River Brewing & Distilling in Kennebunk, it really looks like Christmas. There are decorations galore and lights abound. I especially like the old pickup truck in the front which is decorated with garlands and the back is filled with gifts.

Not just for the look

If you stop by Baston River Brewing & Distilling Farm in Kennebunk, it’s not just for the look that gets you in the Christmas spirit. It’s like being greeted at home. With plenty of overstuffed sofas upstairs and a bar that makes everyone seem like you know your name. You will be in for a treat when it comes to food and beer. Food ranges from everything from a “hearty poutine that comes with a short beer-braised rib, fries, cheese curds and an IPA sauce,” according to necn.com to mussels. “These are pieces steamed with chorizo, green onions, corn and toast,” according to a report from the store.

Just stop for the drink

Even if you head to Baston River Brewing & Distilling for the charm, be sure to grab a beer and some duck fat cornbread. They offer a selection of IPAs ranging from citrus to bitter. They have a stout, porter, pilsners and even a Mexican lager. If you like the harsher stuff, you’ve got rum, gin, vodka, and even agave liquor. Meet at Batson River Brewing & Distilling at 12 Western Avenue in Kennebunk, Maine to get ready for Christmas.

Since we are in Maine

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