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Know Your Madisonian: The Artist Brings “Everyday Magic” With Replicas From Capitols | Local News


On the steps of the building that inspired his art project, Ken Fager displays one of his “Mini WI” – 3D printed replicas of the State Capitol – which he distributes in the city center and at the interior of Little Free Libraries.


Ken Fager is easily bored.

So in January – with COVID-19 raging and things at a standstill – Fager was looking for a pandemic distraction to entertain himself. He bought a beginner’s 3D printer with federal stimulus money, started watching YouTube videos on how to print in plastic, and was inspired by the most dominant structure in his downtown neighborhood. – the State Capitol.

Six months later, the UW-Madison Librarian distributed hundreds of miniature 3D printed replicas of the Capitol – dubbed “Mini WIs” – throughout Madison, which are quickly becoming a popular item to look for in downtown and in small free libraries. .

Miniature capitol

Fager estimates that he has placed 500-1,000 Mini WIs, each of which takes around 90 minutes to print, since the end of January.


“The Capitol has always been very high on my inspiration list,” said Fager, 38. “I live here in the square, or right next to the square, I see the Capitol every day, it is very present in my photographs, it is part of my neighborhood and it was a natural challenge to see if I could reproduce the building. “

The project took off in early February, especially after a post on Madison’s subreddit page.

Find out how the annual Mifflin Street Block Party has changed over the decades since it began as a rallying point for the anti-war movement in Madison in the spring of 1969.

Each Mini WI takes around 90 minutes to print, and Fager packs them in a small plastic bag with a sticker that includes his social media accounts. A few pieces of candy in each bag “sweetens the deal,” he said, while also serving a handy function of weighing down each bag.


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