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Melissa Siegfried, Human Resources Representative, shared insight into the workplace culture at Life Cycle Engineering Inc.

What makes your company an employer of choice? Our vision is to create a work environment where employees grow personally and professionally, and where employees have fun, develop advocacy customers, and create business benefits. Our policies and practices focus on employee success and work-life balance. Our flexible work schedule helps our employees balance work with family time and our extended work recognition policy compensates our employees for time spent away from home. Because LCE team members are so close, everyone from the CEO to the receptionist knows you by name and is there to celebrate life’s accomplishments and support you in dark times. It really is like having a second family.

What strategies do you have to retain your employees? We achieve this through several initiatives, including an employee share ownership program, competitive salaries and bonuses, work-life balance, service rewards for certain milestones, and reimbursement programs for career advancement. Permanent employees who are not ready for full retirement can work part-time or as a 1099 contractor if they want to start their own retirement transition consulting business.

What are you doing to develop employees and help them grow? We offer mentorship, job shadowing and cross-training. We support participation in leadership workshops and other formal training. We have implemented an initiative called Innovate LCE!, which is a web-based platform designed to train, reward, support and measure corporate innovation for all of our employees. The training provided by this platform has been compared to a miniature MBA by employees. LCE has implemented a model and toolkit for great managers as a development tool for our leadership team. It offers every manager the opportunity to create a personalized development plan with the support resources to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to be a good manager. LCE also hosts an annual Leadership Summit where we invite industry experts to speak. LCE employees also have the unique opportunity to obtain world-class training in-house.

Are you hiring? LCE is always recruiting talent.


Benefits – “My benefits package is good compared to others in this industry.”


Address: 5301 Robin Hood Road, Suite 108, Norfolk

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Call: 843-744-7110

Website: LCE.com

Senior leaders: Bob Fei, CEO and President; Robert Bendetti, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President

Employees: 56 in Hampton Roads

Benefits include: Medical, Dental, Vision, Paid Vacation, Sick Pay, Paid Vacation, 401(k) with Company Match, Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Long-Term and Short-Term Disability, Telehealth, Disability Assistance Program, employees, life insurance, bonuses, flexible spending account, health savings account, continuing education, employee referral program, social events

Fun factor: Many social events, monthly gatherings of virtual water coolers

Public Service: fill the bus