Loan-Durations of a Credit Consolidation

Discover the different repayment terms offered as part of a loan consolidation.

Duration of repurchase of credit: an important criterion

repurchase of credit

The term of a real estate loan redemption or a credit consolidation is an integral part of a financing offer and will determine the total cost owed by the borrower. This duration will depend on the financial ability of the borrower to repay a monthly payment, it will also be adjusted according to the rate and fees related to the operation of repurchase of loans. It is possible to choose the duration at the time of the request for repurchase of credits and even to simulate several possibilities of financing to obtain a customized monthly payment. As part of the operation, the financial analyst takes into account the desired duration and will therefore propose an offer on this basis. If it is necessary to adjust according to a ceiling of monthly payments not to spend or if it is necessary to add a dedicated amount to a new project, the financial advisor can adjust the duration in order to propose comfortable repayment terms .

Repurchase of credits over 30 years


The redemption of credits is a transaction that reduces its monthly payments by rescheduling the term of the loan, a duration that can extend over 360 months (30 years).

Repurchase of credits over 10 years

For people wishing to reduce the amount of their monthly payments, it is quite possible to subscribe to the repurchase of loan over a period of 10 years or 120 months.

Repurchase of credits over 25 years

It is easy to obtain a reduction in the amount of its monthly payments through loan consolidation, such a transaction can be carried out over a period of 25 years (300 months) if it suits the needs of the client.

Repurchase of credit after 1 year

There is no time limit from which a borrower can redeem outstanding loans from a bank. Depending on the eligibility of the household and the gain of the operation, it is quite possible to make a credit redemption after 1 year.

Repurchase of credits over 20 years

The redemption of credits gives the possibility of reducing its monthly payments. The operation can be spread over 20 years if the need arises.

Credit buyback: maximum duration

The principle of loan consolidation is to extend the total duration of the loan to reduce the monthly payments. The maximum duration that a credit buyback can take depends on the type of loans being purchased, the financial institutions and the profile of the borrower.

Purchase of credits over 16 years

It is possible to redeem credits over a period of 16 years, ie 192 months.

Time between two credit surrenders

Previously, the legislation required waiting at least one year to re-subscribe to a loan consolidation. Henceforth, there is no longer any legal delay between these two financial transactions.

Purchase of credits over 15 years

Loan consolidation can be smoothed over a period of 15 years, or 180 months.

Deadline for a credit surrender

For a financing file to be fully validated, institutions and banking intermediaries must follow a multi-step procedure.

Repurchase of credits over 14 years

It is possible to apply for the repurchase of credits over a period of 14 years, ie 168 months.

Redemption of short-term credit

Today, credit consolidation is becoming more and more a solid alternative when the amount of maturities is not adapted to repayment capacity. It is possible to subscribe a short-term credit redemption.

Repurchase of credits over 12 years

It is possible to carry out a credit surrender transaction over a period of 12 years, ie 144 months.

Purchase of long-term credit

The credit consolidation reduces the amount of its monthly payments, thanks in particular to an extension of the repayment term.