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Longtime Kernels PA announcer dies over Christmas weekend


Sometimes a voice is synonymous with a team. Vin Scully broadcasting Dodger games. Harry Carey and the Chicago Cubs. In Cedar Rapids, for 25 years, the booming voice of Veteran’s Memorial Stadium speakers during Kernels games was that of Dale Brodt. KCRG reports that the longtime baseball voice at Cedar Rapids passed away over Christmas weekend.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reported that Brodt was hired by the then-Cedar Rapids Reds to advertise in their games in 1987. Brodt was no stranger to the use of his voice. He worked for a number of television and radio stations, most notably for KCRG TV-9 in Cedar Rapids. Brodt told The Gazette in 2011 that the PA job was perfect for him.

The PA job gave me the opportunity to pursue two of my passions: baseball and advertising.

Brodt started his matches in the old Veterans Memorial Stadium, where the windows opened and attached to the roof. Brodt told The Gazette that “… you would freeze your buttocks in the spring and sweat your buttocks in the summer”. He liked the more modern Veteran’s Memorial Stadium much more. In total, Brodt has announced some 1,700 Kernels games over 25 years behind the microphone.

Brodt was born in Mason City, Iowa, and had his first job in broadcasting there in 1957. After his career in broadcasting, he worked for the city of Cedar Rapids as chief zoning inspector. He retired from this post in 2003. Dale Brodt was elected to the Cedar Rapids Baseball Hall of Fame in 2016.

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