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Luton Airport: The best places to spot an aircraft around the airport


There’s nothing better to do on a free weekend afternoon than to look outside and watch the world go by. Whether alone or with the family, going out to observe planes and watch them take off can be a mindful and relaxing activity.

Earlier this year, a wonderful channel called BigJet TV stunned the UK when it filmed planes landing at Heathrow airport during storms, prompting many to take up aircraft spotting. It really is a fascinating hobby.

As Luton Airport is the main hub for easyJet, Ryanair and Wizz Airways, there are always flights departing from the runway throughout the day. Here is the guide to finding a good plane spot around London Luton Airport.

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Spot 1 – Taxiway Fire Station

All traffic on the taxiway is visible. They use it both ways, so you can get different angles. While late construction of the DART railroad is underway, once it is fully open, it will be unobstructed.

By car, it’s via the Mid Stay car park. The first 15 minutes of parking are absolutely free in the mid-stay car park. Up to half an hour will cost £4, 45 minutes will cost £9 and a full hour will be charged at £13.50. Prices will increase for the longer length of stay, going up to £35 per 24+ hours.

Location 2 – Short-term parking

Aircraft spotters can obtain photographs of both taxiways (east and west) to the terminal and of the taxiway to the runway and the runway movements themselves. Prices rise the longer you stay, up to 24 hours costing £67.50.

Short-term terminal car parks have similar pricing for passengers. Up to 30 minutes will cost £9.50, 45 minutes will cost £12.50 and up to an hour will cost £17.50.

Spot 3 – Dane Street

Located outside the airport, this location is only accessible by car. As a side street of Chiltern Green Road, it overlooks the eastern part of the track. Parking is free.

Spot 4 – Someries Castle

Near the domain of a Remains of the gatehouse and the chapel of a red brick fortified manor dating from the 15th century, the viewpoint overlooks the western part of the track. Parking is also free.