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Meet Yuri Tolochko, the Asian bodybuilder who marries a doll


Yuri Tolochko is a popular Kazakh bodybuilder who gained notoriety for marrying a sex doll named Margo in November 2020 in front of a large crowd.

When asked why he preferred dolls to women, Yuri Tolochko replied, “It’s because I can’t have sex with other people. I feel ashamed. But with Lola and Luna, I can do it. This is my personal position. Everything about the doll is about me. It’s not about them. I can touch them, hug them and kiss them. It’s my daily ritual. I can’t talk to them though.

“I love sex dolls. I like unusual things since childhood. It turns me on. It’s a different feeling. It’s a fetish thing.

Agalmatophilia is the sexual attraction to inanimate objects like mannequins, statues, and dolls. Nowadays, some men have intensified their fascination by converting these sex dolls into devoted wives.

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Who is Yuri Tolochko?

Yuri Tolochko is a Kazakh actor and bodybuilder who describes himself as a pansexual man capable of falling in love with “a character, an image, a soul, just a person”. Earlier he said, “I love the act of having sex. Moreover, neither sex nor sexual orientation is crucial in this situation.

For thirteen years, Yuri Tolochko has been teaching public speaking. Its students include television hosts, actors, public figures, politicians, businessmen, etc. It’s no secret that the popularity of sex dolls has recently increased. These inanimate objects of pleasure are now at the center of entire brothels, are sometimes the target of thefts, and could soon serve as lovers for the elderly and disabled. However, we think their most unusual application to date has been as housewives.

Tolochko, who calls himself a ‘winner of creative arts’, garnered both admiration and scorn when he married Margo, his sex doll, in a lavish ceremony in November last year, after that they dated for a year.

While some people were moved by Tolochko’s oddly extra-passionate effort, others simply thought he was going too far with his bedroom simulation. However, this otherworldly union doesn’t seem so surprising in a world where there are people like the woman who “married” the Eiffel Tower or the person who fell in love with the Berlin Wall.

Especially since this marriage is completely legal under a local Kazakh law which does not mention objects but allows marriages between consenting adults as long as they are between a man and a woman over the age of 18 ( because apparently being married to a homosexual is worse than being married to an inanimate object?)

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The story of Yuri Tolochko and Margo

Margo the doll is pre-programmed to speak in short phrases, has heating functions and even has her own Instagram account, which is full of sexy images of her enjoying BDSM while soaking in tubs, donning cucumber masks and cuddling up to men on occasion.

Yuri and Margo’s story is absurd, extravagant, wacky and just plain weird. Tolochko was contacted by Vice to answer questions about why he fell in love with Margo, their relationship, if he’s cheating on her, and their sex life to fully understand what makes a relationship with a sex doll so real. It doesn’t seem like child’s play.

When asked how he met Margo, Yuir Tolochko explains, “I met Margo in a bar in Kazakhstan in 2019, and I liked her as soon as I saw her. I didn’t order Margo from any website and didn’t buy her in a store.

“Everything happened in real life as a real acquaintance. She had her own life before me, that is, people already knew her. She worked in this bar as a hostess and hosted all the guests.

“Everyone loved her and always took pictures with her. One day a man tried to cross the line and offend her. I, as a man, stood up for her. That’s after That moment I asked the bar staff if I could take Margo as my own, and they allowed me on one condition: as long as they could watch over us. And so our very public relationship began. .

“I loved her very much but she wanted children, and I was not then ready for fatherhood. I still do not want to have children. So we decided to break up, and for a long time I did not able to meet other girls because I still liked her very much.

“After we broke up, I started dating guys and had my first experience with a man. That’s when I realized how diverse my sexual needs were. I also realized that t was important to me to find a partner who shared my sexual preferences, as well as the spiritual qualities that were important to me.

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The new “woman”

Yuri Tolochko divorced Margo Tolochko and now has a (second) new wife named Lola. He wrote: “I want to make a statement. I will soon have a second wife. As you know, Margo is broken.

You are also aware of my experiences while repairing it. You saw the video where I play with the chicken (someone even saw the action itself). So I really like that. I ordered a huge chicken toy. They do it now. Her name will be Lola. As you know, me and Margo broke up. Now I have a new wife Lola and I will not stop, I want to have a harem, ”Yuri Tolochko wrote on his Instagram page.

Yuri Tolochko in love with an ashtray

Yuri Tolochko said he was now madly in love with an ashtray – and was considering giving her an artificial vagina. Yuri Tolochko says he’s moved on since his devastating split from Margo the Doll and is building a new life for himself.

He opened up about his new relationship saying, “I liked it – the smell, the feel of the metal on my skin. It’s fantastic. I love the feel of the sharp metal on my skin, excites so I think you can understand what draws me to this ashtray.

“I have a special passion for objects – they have always been alive for me,” he added. “It’s definitely not the same as a person, it’s completely different feelings. It’s like how a violinist can love his 300-year-old violin.

Incredibly, Tolochko’s bizarre fetish could be a true paraphilia, which is normally described in the Oxford Dictionary as “a disorder characterized by abnormal sexual urges, usually involving extreme or dangerous acts.”

Either way, Tolochko – who bills himself as an opera director, acting coach, speaker and performer – now plans to break into the porn streaming market to further entertain his more than 100,000 Instagram followers.