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Michigan’s best local dishes: try the giant mimosa with mini donuts and bacon or the giant Bloody Mary pizza at this Davison restaurant


DAVISON, MI – A restaurant in Genesee County is offering brunches topped with full meals as big as someone’s head.

The Agitated Grape Bar and Bistro, 310 N. Main St., in Davison offers giant drinks, specialty pizzas, baked macaroni and cheese, white chicken chili, Big Mac pizza and wine, Michigan-made beer, whiskey and cocktails.

Owner Angela Hudson is a daytime third-shift ER nurse and runs the bar in the evenings.

“I love wine and I love having people around my house all the time,” Hudson told MLive-The Flint Journal. “We like to have little get-togethers, wine parties, and I’ve always wanted to open just a little tasting room.”

The owner thanked her staff for their constant help and dedication.

Hudson, who had never even been a waitress or held a job in the restaurant industry, originally focused the menu only on drinks. She eventually expanded the menu to feature fun and tasty creations like the Giant Mimosa and Bloody Mary.

The idea for the Bloody Mary came after a staff trip to Traverse City, where they indulged in a “crazy and big” Bloody Mary, and from there felt challenged to top it.

“I was like, ‘why don’t you smack a pizza on it?’ asked Hudson of his employees.

After some experimentation, the giant Bloody Mary pizza was born.

The drink consists of 32 ounces of homemade Bloody Mary mix in a mason jar and topped with a personal-sized pizza and skewers filled with summer sausage, salami, olives, tomatoes, cheese and cucumbers .

Customers can try the drink for $26.

There’s also a chicken and waffle Bloody Mary with the aforementioned foods as well as a boiled egg, celery, olives, cheese, and bacon.

Customers can indulge in this creation for $24.

The giant mimosa, of course, comes in a giant champagne flute and has skewers stacked with mini donuts, muffins, fruit, a mini quiche and bacon for $24.

The bistro makes about 80% of its food from scratch, including its salad dressings.

Another bestseller on the menu is the homemade mac and cheese, which can be made with crab meat, BBQ pulled pork and other choices.

What started as a tasting room has evolved into a community gathering space that offers entertainment such as live music, karaoke nights, bar trivia games, and drag queen Bingo.

The bar and bistro are laid back with a fun atmosphere, Hudson noted.

Some people may be hesitant to try the business because of its name, but it’s welcoming to everyone and offers great food and drink, she said.

“When they see a wine bar after the name, I think a lot of people are afraid that it’s really pretentious and stuffy and they won’t be comfortable there and the bar is so so the opposite “, explained Hudson. “It’s comfortable, you don’t need to know anything about wine. If you want to ask the staff questions, they will answer them. None of us claim to know the answers to anything.

Business hours are 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 4 p.m. to midnight Thursdays, noon to midnight Fridays and Saturdays, and noon to 9 p.m. Sundays.

To learn more about the company or view the full menu, visit The Grape’s website here.

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