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Mom hopes for a Christmas miracle for her children


LIMA – Marva is struggling with health issues and has requested help from The Salvation Army in Lima through the Adopt A Stocking program.

Marva lives with her son Todd, 6, and daughter Sami, 4, and hopes for a miracle this Christmas.

Marva has nephrocalcinosis in her kidneys and has battled colon cancer for the past two years.

“My throat was closing because my thyroid wasn’t working properly,” Marva said. “I have kidney failure. It has made me gain over 100 pounds in the past nine months or so. I can’t stay working very long because my feet are swelling and I can’t keep a job.

She has a part-time job where she works two to four hours a day. Because his job is only part-time, he doesn’t pay the bills and she doesn’t have health insurance.

She gave up colon cancer treatment because she has to care for her two children. Her doctors told her she could live from one to four years.

She lost her father earlier in the year after he committed suicide and recently lost her brother in a car crash on I-75.

She hopes people who hear her story will help her and give her children a better Christmas.

“Giving my kids a decent Christmas would mean the whole world to me because I can’t support them and my mom can’t support them because she’s on a disability. It would give me great pleasure to know that my children can have a Christmas.

Marva’s son, Todd, could wear size 12 jeans, size 10-12 shirts, and size 4½ shoes for youth.

Girl Sammi takes a 10-12 top and a 10-12 in leggings or jogging pants.

When it comes to toys, Todd loves action figures, RCVs, Transformers, and Roblox while Sammi loves JoJo Siwa toys, unbox toys, Doc McStuffins toys, and a Rainbow High doll.

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