Mortgage Purchase

What is the purchase of mortgages? How is it setting up? Silas Lapham offers his expertise on this banking operation.

Mortgage purchase: principle

You should know that a mortgage is a guarantee on real estate for the creditor who lends a sum of money to the debtor. In a loan pooling project involving a mortgage loan, a mortgage release is applied. It is simply an act to lift the mortgage (to withdraw) following the prepayment of the loan concerned. The purchase of credits will make it possible to settle the old loans and to postpone the remaining amounts due on a new credit agreement including a rescheduled duration and a smaller monthly payment. The new lender will therefore set up a new mortgage to guarantee the repayment of the repurchase of loans.

Mortgage repurchase specialist

Mortgage repurchase specialist

Silas Lapham is a non-exclusive agent in banking and payment services (MIOBSP) mandated in personal credit buyout solutions. This expert has several years of experience in the business of aggregation of credits involving a mortgage. Financial advisers Silas Lapham are specialists in the investigation of cases involving mortgage guarantees. They will be able to offer you a loan consolidation offer with a mortgage guarantee adjusted to your needs and allowing you to rebalance your budget. A credit redemption is a way to take back your budget and Silas Lapham advisors are at your disposal to provide answers to your questions.

Loan consolidation with mortgage: study and simulation

Loan consolidation,mortgage

The Silas website allows you to directly create a simulation of loan consolidation online. This first estimated approach makes it possible to preview the amount of its future reduced monthly payment. A request for a study will then be necessary to ensure that the project is feasible but also to confirm the amount of the proposed monthly payment. Whether the simulation or the study request, the steps are completely free and without commitments with Silas Lapham.