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Mushihimesama gets a fantastic limited-edition ‘Mini Arcade’ from Switch



Mushihimesama might be a name some will have a hard time pronouncing, but don’t let that get in your way as it’s also a fantastic shoot ’em up on Switch. Originally an acclaimed arcade in 2004 by the Masters of Cellar, we praised the rather well updated HD iteration on Switch in our Mushihimesama review.

Limited Run Games have confirmed that they have several physical editions of the game up for pre-order later this week, with one of them particularly catching our attention. First of all, you can see all the details below:

No prizes for guessing this was the third product that caught our eye, featuring a sleek ‘mini arcade machine’ that will house your Switch while playing the game in vertical TATE mode, using a Joy-Con as a stick and buttons . It’s unbearably charming, and Limited Run Games has confirmed that it will fit the standard Switch and OLED model – no Lite, unsurprisingly.

Below is a larger image for you to appreciate its beauty.

Image: Limited Stroke Games

Yes, it’s tempting …



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