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MVC changes the appointment system for in-person transactions


TRENTON – While the majority of New Jersey motor vehicle transactions can now be done online, some still require a trip to one of the 39 Motor Vehicle Commission branches. And in many cases, an appointment is necessary.

And while MVC officials insist there are plenty of appointments available, some customers continue to complain about how difficult it is to score one. This could change, however, as part of a further adjustment to the MVC’s dating system.

William Connolly, press secretary and spokesperson for MVC, said the commission changed the time at which new appointments are added to the online appointment system every day from midnight to 7 a.m. .

“We don’t see this as a major operational change. This is something that we wanted to communicate to the public, and we are doing it in part because we don’t want people to think they have to wait until midnight to get a date, ”he said. declared.

Lots of appointments

According to Connolly, people who check the state’s online dating system will notice that appointments are widely available statewide.

“You would see about 2,000 license appointments, about 12,000 for non-driver ID, 11,000 for knowledge tests – CDLs for renewals and licenses, there are about 5 000, ”Connolly said. “And if you have to do a vehicle transfer, vehicle title registration transfer, about 84,000 of them. Thirty thousand registration renewals, ”he said.

However, there is a service where appointments are rare.

“The only place we don’t have appointments generally available is in the original permits, and that’s largely because of no-shows, we have a no-show rate of around 30%.” , said Connolly.

The Motor Vehicle Commission in Raritan Township, June 13, 2020 (Michael Symons / Townsquare Media NJ)

Why is the system sometimes blocked?

As to why the system is sometimes late, Connolly attributes this to two factors: people booking appointments under multiple email addresses and not canceling appointments they can’t.

“People book appointments under multiple email addresses and we strongly recommend against that,” Connolly said.

He also encourages people to cancel their dates if they can’t make them.

Connolly said a reduction in the two practices would further improve appointment availability.

Think online

Connolly said that overall, the effort to get people to connect instead of queuing at MVC agencies is paying off.

“When you think of MVC the first thing we want you to do is, if you need to do business with us, go to our website, njmvc.gov,” he said.

Connolly said about 80% of all transactions can now be done online.

“Our general advice is to go to our website first. If you can complete your transaction, great. Do it there. It’s great for everyone.”

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