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Mysterious booms so familiar return to Twin Falls ID


It’s nice to see that some things never change. The mysterious booms seem to have made a comeback in the Twin Falls area. I heard it at my house near O’Leary Middle School and I know others have done it too.

Booms that “aren’t” military, neither earthquakes, nor earthquakes, nor breaking the sound barrier have long been a mystery in the region. A lot of people think it’s the military doing some sort of exercise, but when asked at Mountain Home Air Force Based, they say that’s nothing they’ve done.

Booms have been reported today virtually everywhere in Twin Falls. Some people said the pictures on the walls fell, others said they heard and felt it near Walmart. I live near O’Leary Middle School and I heard it.

The mysterious booms are something I don’t think we’ll ever get a full answer to. They always seem to be happening correctly when the weather starts to change in the spring and fall. Some people think it’s underground activity, others think it’s canyon, others think it’s military. I honestly don’t know, but they’re probably here to stay. I feel like the locals have come to accept them as another fun quirk that sometimes happens when you live here.

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