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Natasha Lyonne joined by ex Fred Armisen for the final monologue


what is a “Saturday Night Live” final without the return of the old ones of the emission?

Former “SNL” Cast Members Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen joined Natacha Lyonne onstage as she made her hosting debut on Saturday. the “Russian Doll” The actress opened up about how excited she was to host, admitting she always felt like she had a “cosmic connection” to the late-night sketch show.

“I’ve been coming here since I was a teenager, co-creating ‘Russian Doll’ with Amy Pohler,” Lyonne said, adding that she also has some “great friends” among former “SNL” cast members. “before Rudolph and Armisen. , who Lyonne dated for several years before splitting in April, joined her on stage.

The two former “SNL” comedians interrupted Lyonne’s monologue to give their best impressions of the actress, who is known for speaking in a deep voice.

“We make very good impressions of you, but not when you’re here,” Rudolph said.

Armisen began his impression with an inaudible mumble before saying “congratulations, ipso facto”. And Rudolph delivered his best attempt by squinting and waving his hands saying “how are you? That’s a dynamite jumper… cockroach.”

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Rudolph and Armisen then quickly left the stage with a quick goodbye.

“You know, Freddie and I dated for seven years. We were the only couple with a sex tape that nobody wanted to buy.”

Lyonne has confirmed her split with Armisen in April for The Hollywood Reporter saying she thinks they broke up because they couldn’t see each other in a pool.

“We love each other about as much as two people can love each other and we still talk all the time, but Freddy doesn’t like the pool. That might seem like a trivial reason for a breakup, but during this pandemic, you have to do your laps,” she said. “So I bought myself a house with a pool in Los Angeles. So that’s the real scandal.”