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Night House Ending Explained


It is revealed early in the film that Owen committed suicide for reasons that become clearer as the story progresses. Beth deals with this tremendous grief and loss mostly by drinking, and living alone in a huge house by a lake in the forest doesn’t help her ailing mental state. She thinks she might be going crazy – constantly hearing noises in the house. One night, the downstairs stereo starts randomly playing Owen’s wedding song to her loud enough to wake her from the deepest sleep.

One morning, Beth emerges from the dock, only to see bloody, muddy footprints that appear to be someone emerging from the water near where Owen died. Still reeling from his absence, she doesn’t know what to believe. The ghostly visitations begin to occur frequently and Beth can sense that it is Owen trying to communicate with her in various ways. Digging further down a rabbit hole, Beth receives a strange text from Owen in the middle of the night telling her to go down the stairs. Panicked, Beth calls Owen’s phone only to hear static noises, then an indistinct male voice calls out his name. That ominous voice prompts Beth to look out the window, and there’s a naked Owen standing on the surface of the lake, turning to look at her.

Waking up out of breath, Beth finds herself lying in a place that isn’t her bed. Since Owen’s passing, Beth has been a sleepwalker – a condition she acknowledges Owen has always experienced but never her. It gets even creepier…