Home Doll market No, this Jim Kelly tweet is not real [PHOTO]

No, this Jim Kelly tweet is not real [PHOTO]

No, this Jim Kelly tweet is not real [PHOTO]

In a world of social media, it’s easy to get faked by something that seems real and legit, but in reality, it’s not real and it’s just for fun.

You browse Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and see something that catches your eye. It might be shocking or downright hilarious, but on closer inspection, it’s actually not real.

Such is the case with a recently released screenshot of two tweets, made by what appear to be two of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

If you’re active on Buffalo Bills Twitter, you’ve probably seen the supposed tweets from former Miami Dolphins quarterback Dan Marino and former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly.

The screenshot is pretty funny, I’m not going to lie. It has to do with Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and the fact that he may not return to the Super Bowl, or never win one, which these “tweets” from Marino and Kelly refer to.

No, these tweets are not real; they were only for laughs, as evidenced by the “Sports Memery” disclaimer right under Marino’s tweet.

In case you didn’t know, Dan Marino reached the Super Bowl in just his second year (as with Burrow), but lost and never made it back. One of the main reasons Marino didn’t return was because of Kelly, who went to four straight Super Bowls but never won one.

Joe Burrow is a great quarterback, but because of the stud gauntlet, young AFC conference QBs now (Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson), there’s reason to think he’ll be difficult to win one in the near future.

Remember to be very careful when assuming a tweet is real. Although this fake tweet from Kelly and Marino isn’t real, it still makes you laugh.

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