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October Means These 10 Things In Massachusetts


It’s Friday October 1, “October 1,” or “October 1,” as my grandmother would say. Love it or hate it, fall is here and the holidays are approaching …


In Green Day’s 2004 hit “Wake Me Up When September Ends”, singer and songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong expresses his sadness over his father’s death in (September 1982), he begs, however, that you wake up once the month ends.

The pool is closed, but chilly nights around the fire with friends and beer are paramount.

Whether it’s Whitney’s in Cheshire, MA or elsewhere, it’s sure to be sure to keep the kids happy.

Not hoodies, it’s a summer treat, but hoodies. The weather for sweaters, hoodies and jeans is rotating again.

Whether it’s Bartlett’s Apple Orchard in Richmond, MA, hot or cold apple cider, and of course apple cider donuts are precedents.

As of this writing, the 2021 Red Sox are barely hanging on for a wildcard spot. But, 2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018 were AMAZING.

Shipyard? Sam Adams? Who do you have?

Lots of history here in terms of witches. Salem around Halloween is awesome. Stay away if you hate crowds!

Just kidding, daylight saving time ended in October; however, now it is November. 11/7 this year.

CDC Says It’s Safe To Cheat Or Deal Out!

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