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One Star Buffalo Bills player wants the team to bring back the Red Helmets


I grew up watching the Buffalo Bills just at the start of the 17-year playoff drought, so I barely saw the ’90s uniforms and classic red helmets before the team moved on to look more. modern in 2002 (you know, the red helmets with that navy blue stripe).

Then the Bills switched to white helmets again in 2011 and that’s the look they now wear with Josh Allen and company.

But after the NFL changed its rule on helmets (allowing teams to wear two helmets in a season), it led fans around the world to want NFL teams to bring back comeback looks, including Bills with their red and red helmets. white and blue swimsuits from the 90s.

Bills superstar wide receiver Stefon Diggs tweeted his support for the red helmets, insisting the Bills bring back the red helmets.

I know, it’s photoshopped and it looks, but even so, this look on Diggs is amazing. There’s also some ’90s footage with Josh Allem, and it looks just as crisp.

I think the Bills will bring back the Red Helmets, even if it’s only for one or two games per season. They can start in 2022 and for my part, I am delighted to see the red helmets again. Many fans have grown up with these helmets and it would be a home run for the marketing and support of the fan base.

I am also excited about the returning uniforms of the other teams. The old silver helmets of the Seattle Seahawks. Houston Oilers helmets for the Tennessee Titans. The red helmets of the Atlanta Falcons. How about the orange creamsicles the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wore?

Dude, I can’t wait for all of these uniforms to come back from 2022.

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