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Open letter to Buffalo Bills fans saying “Next year”


Sometimes I insist that I was born at such a horrible time for a Buffalo sports fan. My first football memory was the Music City Miracle, but it was from the 2000 regular season that I started watching every game up close as a kid.

The 2000 season was the year the 17-year playoff drought began. Those 17 years were all I knew about NFL football. Losing. Pain. Heartbreak. That’s what life was like as a Bills fan throughout my childhood, teenage years, and young adulthood.

So what we have been blessed with for the past three years is a great thing. Josh Allen is a superstar quarterback who is among the 2-3 best quarterbacks in the NFL. He may be the most physically gifted quarterback in history, and that’s no understatement.

Last night we should have talked about Josh Allen as the clubhouse leader to win this year’s Super Bowl title.

Allen completed 27 of 37 passes for 329 yards and 4 touchdowns last night, with another 68 yards rushing. He totaled nearly 800 yards and 9 touchdown passes in two games, with no turnovers. It’s not only awesome, it’s the best two-game streak in NFL playoff history.

The Bills had won last night, twice; especially going up 36-33 with 13 seconds left. The Bills have had two all-time great records in the NFL, led by Josh Allen. Seriously, that first drive was a legend, especially since the 27-yard touchdown pass to Gabriel Davis was on 4th and 13th, and the fact that Allen pulled a rabbit out of the hat on the 2-point conversion from Stefon Diggs.

The Bills’ defense and coaches lost the game to them, with what was an all-time poor defensive strategy on the Chiefs’ two games to get into field goal range to kick the tying goal. Why was Travis Kelce allowed to run so freely? Why didn’t anyone hit him outside the line of scrimmage? I have less of a problem with squib kicks, because of Mecole Hardman and Tyreek Hill there, so I understand, but defensive strategy is strangulation work.

But the NFL’s overtime rules are horrible. Yes, the Bills defense screwed it up, but NFL overtime rules are terrible – both can be true, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

The fact that Josh Allen didn’t get a chance to touch the ball in overtime is beyond ridiculous. It would be like one team hitting a home run in the top of the 10th inning and simply ending the game, without the other team having a chance for three at bats.

One thing I can’t stand the last 24 hours, and I’ve been told this many times since last night, is the “they’ll get them next year” or “next year is their year”.

Or stuff like “The Bills will be back” and “don’t worry Bills fans, you have an amazing young quarterback and you will win one.”

I want to take this to heart. Like, I REALLY want to take this stuff to heart. Deep down I know Allen is amazing and this team is probably still going strong next season. But will they be as good as this season’s team? Maybe, but there’s a good chance they’re not.

We don’t know what the future holds. Look at Dan Marino, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time and one of the most gifted QBs of all time. He went to the Super Bowl in his (lost) second season and never came back.

Even guys like Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. They won a Super Bowl shortly after securing the starting job in Green Bay and have never won another. Jim Kelly, as we all know, never won one.

You just don’t know. Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and Drew Brees have three combined Super Bowl titles between them all, in 75 years of playing. It’s very, very difficult to win a Super Bowl. Too much talent and different variables come into play to assume anything.

Bills fans are perfectly fine with wallowing in misery for a while. This defeat on Sunday night was unprecedented. It’s right there with Wide Right, No Goal. Game 7 2006, and all the other horrible heartbreaks in Buffalo sports history.

I feel for people like my dad, who has never seen the Bills win a Super Bowl and he’s 60 and knows how many more times he’ll have to see his Bills go all the way.

Buffalo deserves a Super Bowl. Last night was horrible. If you don’t want to hear about “next year”, neither do I and many others feel the same way.

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