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Portrait of Little Cossette is a perfect Halloween anime


The Portrait of Little Cossette is a scary gothic horror anime that is perfect for Halloween.

The Halloween season is a great time to scare you, and the history of the anime is full of series that will have you sleeping with the lights on within days of their end. the portrait of Petit Cossette is criminally overlooked despite being one of the best and most unique horror anime ever, making it the perfect choice for this Halloween season.

First released in 2004, the portrait of Petit Cossette brings together many big names in the anime industry. This includes award-winning director Akiyuki Shinbo, the visionary behind Mars is coming like a lion and Tsukuyomi: Moon phase. It was written by Mayori Sekijima, who also worked on the Ai Girl Video OVA and Saber puppet. It also features music by legendary musician and composer Yuki Kajiura. the portrait of Petit Cossette Also features character designs by Hirofumi Suzuki, who also worked on The last one: Naruto the movie. The series was produced by Aniplex and Daume took care of the animation.

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the portrait of little cossette promotional image of Cossette

This three-part OVA follows art student Eiri Kurahashi. Eiri finds a job in an antique store, and at first everything seems normal. However, that suddenly changes when he sees a beautiful girl almost like a doll in an old Venetian glass his uncle brought back from France. However, this girl is not a picture. She seems to be living her life in the reflection, almost as if Eiri is scanning another world. Eiri quickly falls head over heels in love with this girl and spends hours drawing her and watching her live her life.

One night, as he was closing the store, Eiri heard a voice telling him not to go. At first he is confused, but Eiri soon realizes that the sound is coming from the glass. Eiri investigates and discovers that he can now communicate with the strange girl. The young girl reveals that she is Cossette d’Auvergne and that she and the rest of her family were murdered by artist Marcello Orlando in the 18th century. Cossette also says his soul is trapped in the glass until a man willingly takes the punishment his killer deserved, the so-called Blood Pact. What follows is a heart-wrenching story as Cossette manipulates Eiri, using her infatuation against him, as Eiri’s friends and relatives attempt to free him from Cossette’s dark influence as his manipulations begin to affect his life and responsibilities. regular relationships.

The series is an engrossing roller coaster, effortlessly merging psychological and gothic horror into one spooky package. The movie’s message of how our emotions can be used against us and become our downfall and how obsessions can quickly turn dangerous will stay with you long after the series ends. This post also gives this twisted ghost story a grounded center that only feels more relevant in the age of social media.

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the portrait of little cossette image showing Cosette and Eiri

However, the remarkable part of the portrait of Petit Cossette is the animation. The series merges the surreal and the real to a fantastical effect, moving from Eiri’s mundane world to Cossette’s time-locked gothic life to eerie, surreal spaces that perfectly show the twisted nature of Cossette’s existence and l slowly collapsing emotional state of Eiri. These surreal spaces are often terrifying on their own, presenting a twisted and unfamiliar version of reality that turns sharply to the weird and plays on our natural fear of the unknown. These rooms are often compared to the labyrinths of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which makes sense as many of the staff who have worked on the portrait of Petit Cossette worked later on Madoka.

the portrait of Petit Cossette Also has a fantastic soundtrack, written and performed by legendary composer Yuki Kajiura. It’s both beautiful, ethereal, and truly spooky, perfectly capturing and enhancing the mood set by the animation. Many argue that the portrait of Petit Cossette is Kajiura’s best work, and it’s hard to disagree as the soundtrack shows her amazing range as a songwriter.

the portrait of Petit Cossette is the perfect anime for Halloween. Its dark gothic tale is remarkably haunting and unique. This, coupled with its brilliant animation and design, makes for a memorable series unlike any other horror anime. Fortunately, the series received an English dub, and you can purchase the complete series on DVD, making it easier than ever to enjoy this horribly overlooked classic.

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