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Power Rangers x Street Fighter, Longbox Heroes BBTS Exclusives, DC Multiverse, Marvel Legends Ghost Rider, Dynamic 8ction Heroes, Transformers, She-Hulk and more!


SPONSOR NEWS: New BBTS: Power Rangers x Street Fighter, Longbox Heroes BBTS Exclusives, DC Multiverse, Marvel Legends Ghost Rider, Dynamic 8ction Heroes, Transformers, She-Hulk and more!


It’s Morphin time – but with a twist, Hasbro presents the Lightning Collection Phoenix Chun-Li & Crimson Hawk Ryu! More BBTS Exclusive Longbox figures have been released! Sale alert! Get the Titan Black Zarak today for $134.99! With over 80 years of entertainment history, Marvel has become a cornerstone of fan collections around the world – Celebrate with the Marvel Legends Retro Collection Ghost Rider! McFarlane has released more figures in its DC Multiverse line, this time you can collect to build Solomon Grundy! The DAH (Dynamic 8action Heroes) series returns with the launch of an exciting crossover of pantheons from ancient times. Featuring a 1:9 scale DAH body, classic Spider-Man is now fused with the body of a noble medieval knight! Shin Getter Dragon, the ultimate Getter, has finally arrived in the RIOBOT toy line! XM Studios is thrilled to present its next DC Comics Premium Collectibles Statue, Superman Classic! Following the launch of MDLX Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, Threezero is proud to announce the third character in the MDLX series; Megatron, Supreme Leader of the Decepticons! Lawyer Jennifer Walters’ life is changed forever when she suddenly gains Hulk-like powers after an accident exposes her to the blood of her cousin, Bruce Banner! From Godzilla: Final Wars (2004), comes a Defo-Real figure based on the movie’s big bad monster, Monster X! Get ready for your close-up with the TF x Canon Decepticon Refraktor R5! Fans of Gundam, Pokemon, DBZ, Mazinger and more can add to their model kit collection with the latest releases from Bandai! Bring a slice of the old west home with the Dime Novel Legends range of action figures from Chicken Fried Toys! Your favorite robotic and law enforcement characters are here as MAFEX figures – T-800 and RoboCop! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles make their radical debut on Youtooz! Complete your Transformers collection with newly released model kits! Be sure to check out the latest imported figurines and statues! Bandai Spirits brings Pokemon to life with the latest Pokemon Scale World releases!

The Doom Slayer BBTS Exclusive action figure is now in stock! The Transformers: Legacy Leader Bltizwing, Laser, Optimus Prime and more have arrived! Check out the newly arrived Transformers MDLX action figures! From Aoshima comes another collab combining Godzilla and Evangelion like we’ve never seen them before! Annex2179, Acid Rain, ARCHECORE and more have figures, vehicles and accessories in stock! Dressed in her extravagant red dress from the Wall Market section of the Final Fantasy VII: Remake video game, Aerith Gainsborough returns to the Play Arts Kai line of figures – now in stock! The worlds of Battle for the Stars, Warhammer 40k and more continue with the latest arrivals! One of the greatest leaders of the Rebel Alliance – Leia Organa’s The Black Series lightsaber is available at home today! Discover the latest arrivals of Star War: The Black Series! Super Saiyan Goku from Dragon Ball Z unleashes his fury on Frieza in this spectacularly sculpted FiguartsZERO – and is now in stock! MegaBOX, BeastBOX & Legacy of Lovecraft have arrived from 52Toys! Diamond Select Pacific Rim figures are now in stock! From the classic animated series SilverHawks, the leader Quicksilver springs into action and on our New Arrivals page! Taarna, Heavy Metal’s flagship character, comes to life as an all new super poseable action figure from Executive Replicas and LooseCollector Collectibles and is now in stock! Bring the WWE action home with Mattel’s new Ultimate, Elite and Basic figures! Check out the latest arrivals of Hiya Toys action figures featuring brands like Alien, Predator, RoboCop and more! Trickster Faye Valentine joins First 4 Figures’ 1/4 scale Cowboy Bebop line – now in stock! Firelord, Marvel’s Toad, Kang and more have arrived from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends Series! This unforgettable scene from Castlevania II sneaks into a Pixel Frame – available now! That’s right – Funko has brought Iron Man’s Hall of Armor to life as the Pop! The figures!

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