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Premier League rules for unscrupulous owners


Why does the Premier League want to prevent clubs from investing huge sums of money in gambling, when they don’t want to prevent owners from tarnishing their brand and getting the money / benefits away?

Referring to the first point above, I am thinking of Manchester City and Newcastle United (now).

While for the second point I’m of course referring to Newcastle United under the previous owner over 14 years old.

Mike Ashley being the bottom of the scraper that he is, pulling every last penny / advantage out of the NUFC and the Premier League in general, for his own personal gain.

This has all been well documented for years and years so I will not go on, but our trading income has not increased in its 14+ years, in fact, it has actually fallen!

Ashley got more money / benefit from the game during her management at Newcastle United than any other owner in history. He made our club a toxic entity in football, a place full of negativity, a brand that lost its identity because of its clearance sale advertising. Tainting the club and the Premier League with its sole objective of personal wealth.

Yet it has not been controlled by the people at the top.

Yes, it’s a big deal now and very few people come into the game without having a goal of making money in one way or another, but it is primarily a sport and the business goal should be to be as successful as possible in the sport.

The rules should be changed to prevent people like Mike Ashley and his ilk from stopping fair sporting chances at the bottom as well as the top.

However, there are no rules to prevent a bottom feeder like Ashley from coming to loot a club.

This is wrong and we the fans are right here and watching it happen.

Sky is also an accomplice, the so-called saviors of football. Yes, they have helped massively improve football in some ways since I was a kid. From peeing while standing in the corner of Gallowgate, thrown in the air like a rag doll, to sitting nice and comfy, but they’ve lost sight of what it’s about.

Football needs a reset to make sure all clubs are compliant to be the best they can be, regardless of who owns the club.

Why are the above powers working so hard to stop massive investments in the Premier League and all of football in general when they turn a blind eye to the people who aspire to it?

Yet, in my opinion, not everyone involved in the game is controlled. Just because we got rid of Mike Ashley from St James Park, we still have to talk about it. There are plenty of other clubs going through there.

Blackpool was a huge disgrace that went on for years with fans feeling powerless to prevent their club from being brought to their knees by unscrupulous owners.

Man U is run like a cash cow for his owners.

I think Arsenal is to a large extent too.

It ruins football and sporting chances, but it is completely ignored and left unchecked.

Something must be done to save the integrity of sport. It went from a workman’s game to a rich man’s toy. Ruined on a sporty side in my opinion, compared to the days of the 1980s and 1990s.

Money, money, money !!!

What about the fans, the club, the badge, what about towns and cities, but most importantly, what about the integrity of the sport itself.