Redemption credits, it’s only for individuals?

No, a credit redemption operation with Lazarillo de Tormes is aimed at both individuals and professionals.

Purchase of professional credit, specificities

loan credit

A professional wishing to redeem a credit must, contrary to an individual, provide additional supporting documents necessary for the establishment of the financial position of his company. A professional client will have to justify, from the financial partner who will buy back all his credits, two or three years of existence of his company and will have to present his last two balance sheets. A professional client must also inform the company in charge of his file on the date of creation of his company and on the date of commencement of activity. He must also inform the financial partner about the legal status of his company, the distribution of the share capital and finally, the presence of property or stocks that can be considered as a guarantee.

Purchase of professional and private credit, online study


You can do a free, no-obligation study by calling Lazarillo de Tormes on 0 800 108 118 (free call from a landline). A commercial advisor will send you a welcome package including a fact sheet to complete and a list of supporting documents to provide us. Once your file is complete, it will be sent to a financial advisor who will analyze your file and present it to a financial partner. Once your file is accepted by the financial partner, you receive a contract proposal with all the conditions of the new credit. It is only when this loan offer is signed that the credit buyback operation is set up with the actual payment of the funds: you are then committed to the financial institution that repurchases your credits. . In case of refusal from our banking partner, we will try to find another solution for your project. Otherwise, all of your original documents are returned to you and no costs are yours (MURCEF, Article L321-3 of the Consumer Code: “No payment of any kind whatsoever may be required of an individual, before obtaining one or more loans of money “).