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Sacrifice to escape and change


Little woman (작은 아씨들) is a Korean crime thriller that revolves around the predicament faced by three sisters. The story follows their journey after they find themselves in the middle of a major incident that changes their lives forever. Directed by Kim Hee-won and written by Jung Seo-kyung, the drama stars Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hoo, Wo Ha-joon, alongside other actors.

The 12-episode show premiered on September 3, 2022, and airs new episodes every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST on tvN, picking up the timeslot previously occupied by alchemy of souls. Little woman episode 3 has a duration of 76 minutes.

The synopsis for the Netflix series reads as follows:


-Little Women episode 3 recap contains spoilers-

Little woman episode 3 begins with In-ju rushing to try and save director Shin; on the other hand, we have In-kyung asking In-hye about her friend Park Hyo-rin and painting. She tells him that Hyo-rin’s mother has promised to support her study abroad and it’s just a small price for what she’s going to get.

She tries to tell him otherwise but In-hye isn’t ready to listen and later leaves with Hyo-rin for her party. Elsewhere, In-ju calls for help and tries to give Director Shin CPR but nothing works and he ends up losing his life. However, she sees a blue orchid that had fallen from the car.

Little women episode 3 again

Elsewhere, In-kyung tries to break into the party and take In-hye home with her but is stopped by the guards. She doesn’t give up and instead gets drunk to create havoc which forces In-hye to leave the party and go home with her.

At the hospital, Do-il arrives to see a shocked In-ju and while returning her phone he tells her about the statement she is supposed to give to the police. She realizes that he must know the people Director Shin was talking about and becomes alert.

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But then he shows her footage of Hwa-young filling a bag with 2 billion won before leaving South Korea and tries to avoid the conversation. But Do-il knows something is up and plans to put the 2 billion won on director Shin in order to help him escape the situation.

Back at the Park house, Won Sang-a is frustrated by the incident and complains to the secretary about her poor job upon finding out about In-hye’s background. But Park Jae-sang is not so worried because he learned that In-kyung’s weakness is his sister and it can be useful for him.

Little Women episode 3 recap
Little women episode 3 again

In-hye is upset by the events that have unfolded and decides to give her sister the silent treatment. The next day, In-ju discovers a person Won Sang-woo who might be able to help her, and goes out to meet the Princess Orchids. There, the man tells her that she should just indulge herself with the money she has left instead of giving it back to the people behind the embezzlement.

He then gives her the embezzlement records that were hidden in her room before having her escape through the window when Do-il arrives. However, her presence was picked up by Do-il when he finds her cell phone in the room and then sees her running away through the window.

Little Women episode 3 recap
Little women episode 3 again

Elsewhere, Jae-sang shoots a video for his mayoral election as he talks about his daily family life and what he learned from his stepfather. In-hye is also featured in the video as Hyo-rin’s best friend and compliments her to the family in front of her.

On the other hand, Do-il catches up with In-ju and the two drive off together in his car. He tells the real reason why Won San-woo gave him the records, telling him it’s just his way of getting revenge without hurting himself.

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He then tells her that the ledger can earn them a lot of money and will help her deal with this in order to make up for her regret of not being able to help Hwa-young. The two men make a deal and are ready to work together.

Little Women episode 3 recap
Little women episode 3 again

Elsewhere, In-kyung receives a call from his deceased informant’s brother who gives him a USB drive containing the CCTV footage of one of the suicide victims that Jae-sang introduced four years ago. In the footage, they notice the man smelling something blue just before he died.

Although she is unable to figure out what it is, it is later when she notices the blue orchid that was brought back by Jang-ho that it clicks to her that the man smelled the exact same flower in images.

Little Women episode 3 recap
Little women episode 3 again

On the other hand, In-hye tells In-ju that she will be leaving for Boston next month and that Hyo-rin’s mother has paid for her expenses. She also tells him that their mother had already signed the consent form before she disappeared and that In-ju has no right to interfere in this decision.

Before leaving, she adds that the night their mother ran away with her travel money was when she decided to leave the house no matter what.

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In-ju is unable to bear this and goes to meet Sang-a the next day to return the money spent on his transfer to Boston. There, it is revealed that In-hye has earned himself a scholarship and shows In-ju his painting. But something is wrong with the paintings.

Little Women episode 3 recap
Little women episode 3 again

All of In-hye’s works are dark and gloomy, with one showing a dying woman who is actually her sister. Sang-a told In-ju that it was the reflection of her family life that put such a dark aura around In-hye.

In-ju has nothing to say and leaves from there, however, Sang-a can’t help but try to find out how she can afford the shoes she’s wearing and the money she brought in. species. Later, In-ju goes to the yoga center and suddenly remembers the sister they once had, who died and was forgotten by the family.

End of episode 3 of Little Women

Little woman episode 3 ends with In-kyung discovering the money hidden in the kimchi boxes by In-ju and waiting to question his sister. But In-ju can’t stop thinking about her dead sister and seems distracted because In-hye somehow knows her.

Little Women episode 3 recap
Little women episode 3 again

She accepts that she got this money from Hwa-young and that she will spend it as she sees fit. Even when In-kyung threatens to sell her to the police, she doesn’t mind going to jail. Instead, she talks about their sister, which leaves In-kyung shocked as she doesn’t remember having another sister.

In-ju then takes the money and goes to their aunt to ask for help with the money. She tells him that she should help them with the money because of her guilt over not being able to save their dead sister. This is also the reason why she took In-kyung with her.

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The aunt accepts all of this and is ready to help her find an apartment and launder the money.

Elsewhere, In-hye is staying in the Park house when she comes across a room with figurines of soldiers and a dollhouse. Intrigued by the doll in the dollhouse, she removes it but is caught by Jae-sang.

Little Women episode 3 recap
Little women episode 3 again

He doesn’t call her but instead tells her about his childhood when he too used to steal Won San-woo’s toys because he was jealous that he couldn’t be part of the rich family. However, he made his sacrifices which eventually brought him to this lofty position.

After that, he asks her if she too is determined to change her life like him, even if it means betraying the one who loves her the most. And from the looks on In-hye’s face, it looks like she’s indeed ready.

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Little Women Episode 3 Review

The episode was undoubtedly another thrilling glimpse into the Oh sisters’ chaotic early life. They don’t fall so slowly into very deep chasms that will soon cause them very big problems.

Hyo-rin’s parents are ready to make big plans for their daughter, which will cause In-hye huge problems. But the teenager has really given up on being able to live a better life with her family who are seriously pushing her into these troubled waters.

Her dark paintings with gruesome scenes really bring out the burden she silently faces and it’s sad to see such a wonderful talent shattered like this.

On the other hand, I’m excited to see the kind of game-changer In-ju is destined to become, and I hope In-kyung stops pushing people away with his reckless behavior.

The blue orchid becomes clearer in In-ju and In-kyung’s vision, which could play another major role in uncovering the secrets they hide. Although I’m also excited about the partnership that Do-il and In-ju will show.

Lastly, Jae-sang is truly a master manipulator and his character is another thing to expect in this show.

All in all, this episode finally begins the real thrill of the series and I’m looking forward to the turn that’s coming soon.

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