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Sebastián Battaglia is still in Boca: he received Riquelme’s approval and arranged for another year


Sebastien Battaglia will continue in Boca after winning the Argentinian Cup and renew your contract for an additional year, more precisely until December 2022.

This Tuesday there was a meeting with the coach and members of the Football Council. There was of course the vice-president and visible face of the project, Juan roman riquelme.

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TN Sports could confirm that this Tuesday evening the continuity of the project was completed by word of mouth It all started when the club fired Miguel Ángel Russo in August 2021.

Battaglia wanted to stay at the club

“I would like to continue, Boca is my home. In these hours we will surely analyze everything and see the steps to follow. I am satisfied, we have achieved the objectives we set for ourselves, ”he said a week ago after winning the Maradona Cup, beating Barcelona on penalties (4-2) after the draw 1 to 1.

After this match, there was a first rapprochement between Battaglia and Riquelme.

The pre-season is scheduled to begin on January 5 at the Ezeiza campus and the club are currently participating in an international tournament in the city of San Juan.

Sebastián Battaglia’s four months in Boca

Sebastián Battaglia took over the reins of Boca in mid-August after the dismissal of Miguel Russo. When he arrived, the team was in the last positions of the Professional League.

The two main goals they set for themselves were qualify for the 2022 Copa Libertadores and win the Copa Argentina. He complied with both.

The managerial reproach and the supporters have gone through the level of play in some matches. However, They are confident that you can improve yourself in this regard.

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