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Shonda Rhimes, inspiring women receive Barbie dolls


Mattel honors some of the most inspiring women in tech, wellness, STEM, education and more by creating Barbie dolls in their likeness.

A total of 12 female models from around the world can now say that a Barbie doll was created just for them.

One of the women who has her own Barbie is Shonda Rhimes, creator of hit TV shows like “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal,” “How to Get Away With Murder,” and founder of the Shondaland media empire.

Mattel, Inc.

Other women included in the lineup are Women’s Startup Lab founder and CEO Ari Horie, makeup artist Pat McGrath, Canada Learning Code CEO and co-founder Melissa Sariffodeen, and Adriana Azuara, founder of All4Spas in Mexico.

Shonda Rhimes and other women receive Barbie dolls
Mattel, Inc.

“On this International Women’s Day, we are proud to honor 12 global trailblazing women to help empower the next generation of female leaders by sharing their stories,” said Lisa McKnight, senior vice president and global head of Barbie and Dolls, in a press release. .

The other seven women honored with dolls are Doani Emanuela Bertain (teacher and founder of Sala 8), Jane Martino (president and co-founder of Smiling Minds), Lan Yu (fashion designer), Butet Manurung (founder and director of SOKOLA), Sonia Peronaci (founder of Italian cooking site GialloZafferano), Tijen Onaran (CEO and founder of Global Digital Women) and Lena Mahfouf (author of “Always More”).

Shonda Rhimes and Other Women Have Barbie Dolls Made After Them
Mattel, Inc.

Although these dolls are not currently for sale, Barbie has an Inspiring Women’s Series that includes a handful of dolls you can to buy. The dolls include some of the world’s most inspiring women, like Maya Angelou, Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt and many more.

The latest doll in the collection is pioneering journalist, activist and researcher Ida B. Wells. Born into slavery during the Civil War, Wells became an activist for civil rights and women’s suffrage in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Which inspiring woman from history would you like to see as Barbie?