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Shut down auto services, Karnataka government warns taxi aggregators

With taxi aggregators including Ola and Uber relentless in the Karnataka the direction of the government to stop rickshaw services under its domain with immediate effect, the state Department of Transportation warned that enforcement will begin from Monday.

The state government had issued a notice to Ola, Uber and other taxi aggregators on Thursday for violating the Karnataka On-demand Transport technology aggregators rule 2016 by illegally operating rickshaws and overcharging customers.

However, taxi aggregators showed no sign of complying with the government order.

“We had given them three days to stop their services. We had also asked them in our notice to provide details if they had us within that duration. They have not yet replied. So the execution will start from tomorrow,” a senior Department of Transportation official told PTI.

Also on Sunday, autorickshaw services were operating and charges remained exorbitant compared to regular metered charges.

A rickshaw driver, Manjunath, who is associated with a taxi aggregation company, said he would like to see the government act.

“We had seen a similar notice sent to taxi aggregators just before the election, but no action was taken again. Now, once again, as the Assembly elections approach, a similar notice has been meant. I want to see the government act,” he said. said.


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