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‘Squid Game’ Creepy Doll song remixed into Jersey Club anthem


Netflix’s Scary Doll’s song “Red Light, Green Light” hit Squid game might haunt most viewers’ dreams, but now it’s become a club in its own right.

“OJC”, an 18-year-old producer, gave a Jersey club mix touch to the song’s weird air Squid game doll, and racked up over a million views with it.

Episode 1 of the Netflix show introduced viewers to the twisted games to come with the simple “red light, green light” game. The rules are simple: when the giant doll‘s head is turned, you walk towards her, if her eyes catch you moving, you are disqualified … and fatally shot.

On October 6, OJC shared their take on the song the 10ft tall doll sings in the stage on SoundCloud, making it a Jersey club version remixed with Khia’s “My Neck, My Back”.

Entitled “Squid Game Jersey Mix” it caught the attention and ears of Twitter user @yyyyy_yyed who shared it on the platform writing: “ENOUGH”.

The tweet got the song over a million views, although the SoundCloud version only gained 11,000 plays.

OJC added sound effects and a whole new beat, before introducing the instantly recognizable “pop yo p *** y like this” lyrics.

Jersey club music originated in the early 2000s in Newark, New Jersey and is described by The fader like, “fast and aggressive dance music that has its roots in the Baltimore Club’s house and hip-hop fusion”.

This is basically the type of music that you imagine the cast of Jersey Shore aggressively launching into the Karma Club in any given episode.

After racking up views, the SoundCloud track has met with nothing but positive feedback, including promises to drop the tune at the club.

“Yesterday I said I NEED a Jersey Club mix for this song. Today my wish came true,” wrote one listener.

“I’m going to drop that at the club this weekend,” another individual promised.

“Do a 10 minute version please, please,” one user wrote.

A Twitter user added the Jersey Club mix to the viral meme that sees the Squid game doll dancing in rhythm to everyone’s favorite songs.

The animated montage was originally created by TikTok user @punyaibenk, where it has gained over 62 million views since it went live on September 25. Although the original paired it with the song on the show, users added their songs of choice to the doll. case, his own remix.

So the Jersey club mix sort of has the “Red Light, Green Light” doll seal of approval.

News week contacted OJC for comment.


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