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Subnautica: 8 Hidden Details You Might Have Missed


Subnautica is full of amazing little details that are easy for gamers to miss. Although they can be difficult to catch, finding them is well worth it.

Subnautic is a blockbuster open world survival crafting game. A little like Minecraft, this is a success for the early access model. The game launched in December 2014 and has seen many updates which have added new mechanics and features to its world. Even the narrative will change over time.

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A full version met with great popularity when it was finally released in 2018. This is largely due to its appearance on many “Let’s Play” channels such as Markiplier or Jacksepticeye which effectively promoted the game by playing it so much. The game, however, has grown more extensive over time and as a result many players end up missing out on certain aspects of the game. Whether it’s just Easter eggs or unusual ways of interacting with the game. world, there are a lot of things that may not be discovered by some players.

8 Jack’s septic tank

Septic tank Jacks sitting on a table

This Easter egg is a reference to the famous YouTuber Jacksepticeye. The appearance of the object consists of a small reservoir filled with green liquid and a single large eyeball. Septiceye Sam serves as the main inspiration for this article. Sam is the channel’s profile photo on YouTube and is the subject of numerous merchandise. Seán McLoughlin, the owner of the channel, has made an entire Let’s Play series based on the Early Access version and the officially released version of Subnautic. Perhaps that Easter egg was how the developer thanked him for playing.

7 An unusual doll

Unusual doll sitting on a table

Based on YouTuber, Markiplier, this doll can be found in Life Capsule 7. Markiplier, real name Mark Fischbach, is a die-hard fan of the game. He even made a lengthy Let’s Play series in which he explored storytelling and the game environment. The doll bears her resemblance at the time, such as hair dyed red (which was done for charity) and she also says lines from her videos (or just shouts) of a high-pitched voice.

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Mark was finally going to make the unusual doll in episode 72 of his video series. The doll is said to have been created by the faulty manufacturer of the Lifepod.

6 Natural Selection Poster 2

Subnautica Natural Selection 2 poster in game and real illustrations

This Easter Egg can be found in the Aurora and in two Explorable Wrecks in the Grassy Plateaus, which makes it fairly easy to find. the Natural selection series was developed before Subnautic and consists of two entrances. The first is a mod for Half-life while the second was an officially released title in 2012. The poster is based on actual artwork for Natural Selection 2, although it has no significance for the history of Subnautic. This is simply a non-canon reference to the developer’s other game.

5 Future perfect objects

Database of information on Alien Subnautica rifles

Players can find items in the game that refer to the game, Perfect future. Unknown World Entertainment developed the game, but it hasn’t seen an update since 2015. For now, it looks less like a game than a first prototype for something that may or may not be a game.

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Articles that refer Perfect future are the Alien Rifle and the Apocalyptic Device and can be found in their own cases within the Quarantine Enforcement Platform. It doesn’t seem to indicate any sort of interconnectivity between the two games, as they could just be reused assets and nothing more.

4 The tamed stalkers

Taming a stalker

Many players may not be aware that they have the ability to tame Stalkers to some extent. Stalkers are hostile creatures, but giving them a catchable fish will temporarily calm them down. This only applies to Wild Stalkers, however. Hatched Stalkers remain passive, except that they will try to steal cameras to attack players’ vehicles. Tamed Stalkers will also find salvaged metal and bring it back to the player as a gift. This makes them rather astute assistants in a pinch.

3 Developer names

Obraxis Prime referenced in the dialogue

At many times the player may find something that contains a reference to a developer who worked on the game. When the player first makes the Survival Knife, they will hear some dialogue referring to the planet, Obraxis Prime. This is a reference to Scott “Obraxis” Macdonald, who was an animator who worked on the game.

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In another case, the Strader IV beehive spirit mentioned in the database is a reference to the developer, Cory Strader. The inclusion of developer names in a game is a fairly common occurrence in the industry.

2 CHBCLive Tribute

Subnautica translation device database

CHBCLive was a forum user and Subnautica player who tragically died of gastric cancer before the game ended in 2018. As a tribute, the developers made him the subject of an Easter egg. This tribute took the form of the translation device found in the primary containment facility. CHBCLive was primarily known for creating tutorials and translating parts of the game into Chinese. This makes it a rather fitting Easter egg. Information in the game indicates that this device stores language data in over 1000 different languages.

1 Neebs Gaming Easter Egg

Subnautica Neebs Gaming Easter Egg

Subnautic has been a favorite among YouTubers since its original early access release in 2014. A channel known as Neebs Gaming would make humorous videos at the start and beta of the game that feature storylines of their own making. For the official release, the developers have asked members of the channel to voice a few characters that the player hears on the radio. They can be heard arguing over what kind of sandwich they would like their colleague to get them at the deli.

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