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Summer Camps and Activities 2022: Safety City Camp Teaches Kids the Importance of L


Posted: Mar 12, 2022 8:00 AM

Newtown Youth & Family Services (NYFS) will host Safety Town this summer, a week-long interactive safety education program developed to teach important life-saving lessons about strangers, traffic, fire, pedestrians, poisons , drugs, playgrounds, buses and water safety. All safety topics are taught in conjunction with the local community and health agencies. Safety Town is for children entering kindergarten and first grade in fall 2022.

Safety Town combines classroom instruction and the use of a miniature city designed to provide a complete hands-on experience. The miniature town has a fire station, police station, library, and even the historic Newtown Flagpole. In this city, there are working traffic lights, crosswalks, bike paths and signs that create an environment for children to practice what they have learned through constructive play. Each day includes a visit to a local community or health agency, including one of the local fire and rescue departments, Newtown Police Department, Porco Karate Academy, the Newtown Ambulance and All-Star Transportation Bus Company.

Returning for a second consecutive year, Safety Town will lead water safety at the Newtown Community Center. For four of the five days of camp, campers will be transported to the community center for swimming and water safety lessons.

Parents and caregivers have three weeks to choose when enrolling their kindergarten child. The first week is July 11-15, the second week is July 18-22, and the third week is July 25-29. Camp hours are 9:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Campers will need to bring their own lunch. The cost of Safety Town is $150. Registration information can be found at newtownyouthandfamilyservices.org. Questions can be directed to Madison McColl, [email protected] or 203-270-4335.

NYFS began operating Safety Town in 2013. It is a replica of the nationally recognized program founded in 1937 in Cleveland, Ohio by police officer Fred Boals.

About Newtown Youth & Family Services

NYFS is a youth services office and mental health clinic for children, teens, adults, and seniors. For more than 35 years, NYFS has been committed to providing high quality human health services to promote individual and community well-being. Specialized services include: individual, couple and family outpatient clinics, addiction treatment services, autism and social skills programs, prevention initiatives and support groups. Learn more about NYFS by visiting newtownyouhandfamilyservices.org.

Newtown Youth & Family Services’ Safety Town Summer Camp will offer lessons in bus safety. —photos courtesy of Newtown Youth and Family Services

Campers participating in Safety Town can visit the Newtown Community Center to learn more about water safety.

Safety Town is run by Newtown Youth & Family Services and will teach children a variety of lessons, including road safety.