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Texas governor calls for federal declaration of border emergency


Governor Greg Abbott this morning, Monday, September 20, 2021, sent a letter to President Joe Biden requesting a declaration of emergency for the state of Texas following the escalating crisis on the Texas-Mexico border in especially due to the dire situation in Val Verde County. The letter explains that the failure of the federal government to enforce immigration laws and in particular, its failure to stop illegal crossings over a roadblock on federal property, which is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal government, carries charges. important to local and state resources, as well as federal resources.

“Border security is a federal responsibility; however, in response to the current situation, I have taken appropriate action under State law by directing the execution of the State Emergency Management Plan and declaring a state of disaster on the 31st. May 2021, for several counties in Texas on the southern border of the state, ”the letter read. “This increase poses deadly risks to residents of Val Verde County and is rapidly overtaking law enforcement, health care and humanitarian resources that were never intended to be used in this capacity. Even resources. limits in the region are strained by the large number of people entering Texas illegally. I have determined that the disaster caused by people illegally crossing the border between Texas and Mexico is of such severity that additional federal assistance is needed to reduce the threat of disaster, save lives, and protect property, public health, and safety. “

Read the governor’s full letter.

Governor Abbott has made border security funding a priority for the First and Second Special Legislative Sessions. The governor launched Operation Lone Star in early March to help secure the border and combat human and drug trafficking in Texas. There are currently thousands of state personnel, including DPS soldiers, agents and rangers, as well as National Guard soldiers participating in the mission and working with law enforcement. local. On Friday, September 17, the governor signed HB 9 which allocated $ 1.8 billion to Texas border security efforts. Among other things, the funding will add more National Guard and additional resources to better secure the border.

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