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The Age photos of the week, June 27, 2021


The Age photos of the week, June 27, 2021

The Age photos of the week, June 27, 2021

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Artist Michael Candy and his work Azimuth, the robotic sculpture that kills COVID-19, at Gertrude Contemporary in Preston.Credit:Jason South


Urban planning expert and Emerald resident, Michael Buxton, said the government should review its planning controls for residential development in areas at risk. Credit:Joe armao


Co-directors of Bottoms Up Dance, Amanda Miller (left) and Jacquie Thomas. Ms Miller, of the Brunswick Pole and burlesque studio Bottoms Up Dance, said the fourth lockdown was particularly difficult for her and for the sanity of her co-manager. She said the dance studio lost about $ 14,000 a week for three weeks, after a good start to the year, and bookings for short courses have dried up due to the uncertainty.Credit:Justin mcmanus


Rebecca Carland, Senior Curator, Collections History, Victoria Museums considers the “Goulds Hummingbird Case” as part of the Treasures of the Natural World exhibit at the Melbourne Museum. Credit:Chris Hopkins


Lee and Nat Guest stand in the ruins of their home in Kalorama. The Kalorama couple and their 13-year-old daughter were among those bearing the brunt of the storms that hit two weeks ago. Guests knocked down four large trees on their house, as well as the van that Nat works from, who runs a curtains and blinds business.

Credit:Darrian Traynor


Scattered co-creator Kate Darrigan with TikTok series co-author Adolfo Aranjuez.Credit:Simon schluter


Quick money … Sneaker dealer Ivana Lim with part of her collection.Credit:Eddie jim


Composer and multi-instrumentalist JP Shilo plays Melbourne Town Hall’s great pipe organ on his new album Jubjote.Credit:Justin mcmanus


Members of the East Ivanhoe Bowls Club are angry with Banyule council’s plans to turn their green into netball courts.Credit:Scott mcnaughton


A drawing by Goya hanging on the NGV. Part of a Madrid collection titled Goya: Drawings from the Prado Museum, is on the wall of the National Gallery of Victoria, ready for the 160-works exhibition to open on Friday (if pandemic restrictions allow) .Credit:Wayne taylor


Janelle Walters is the head of a nursing unit on the Royal Park campus of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Last year, she contracted coronavirus while helping at a private nursing home.Credit:Joe armao


Back in town: Amir Tatai visits a reopened NGV with his son Aumra Zia and mother Helen Carter.

Credit:Chris Hopkins


Sam Danby on the roof of the Brunswick East building he lives in, one of the few apartment residents in Melbourne to do so. Australia is the world leader in solar generation, with panels on around 20% of free-standing homes in Victoria, but apartment residents have mostly been left behind.Credit:Justin mcmanus


Nick Schill trimming fallen trees at the site of a friend’s Kalorama property from Julia Hall, where 14 black woods fell. Ms Hall, an avowed ‘walnut’ who has worked in the lumber industry, plans to have the black timber that fell on her friend’s property locally chopped up by a local carpentry company and turned it into furniture.Credit:Joe armao


Kelvin Low, owner of The Elysian Whiskey Bar in Fitzroy, says: “I think it’s a really exciting time for a whiskey drinker in Australia. Whether you drink scotch or Aussie whiskey, there has never been so many products on the market to explore. “Credit:Chris Hopkins


Rowena Vitarelli and her daughter Amelia at the Fintona Girls’ School. Ms Vitarelli attended a coeducational public school but chose the favored small school in Balwyn to ensure her daughters were ‘seen and heard’.
Credit:Jason South


Weaver in her Nicholas Building workshop. Tenants at Melbourne’s heritage-listed art deco building, Nicholas Building, an artists’ and craftsman’s paradise, are in limbo with news that the building is for sale for the first time since 1973. Credit:Chris Hopkins


Pharmaceutical biology professor Colin Pouton and bioengineer Dr Harry Al-Wassiti with the new COVID-19 trial vaccine at the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Credit:Penny stephens


Sri Samy, founder of Friends of Refugees, secured funding to build community gardens on this small plot of land in an industrial estate in Springvale for the local refugee community.Credit:Chris Hopkins


Viewers attend Renoir’s famous painting Danse à Bougival at the NGV. The Melbourne Winter Masterpieces 2021: French Impressionism exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts reopened today in Melbourne.

Credit:Paul Jeffers


James Han started playing golf during the pandemic because he thought it would be a good way to network with customers. Golf is experiencing a pandemic-induced boom, with 253,000 more Australians playing the sport, resulting in long delays for clubs and a shortage of some balls.Credit:Eddie jim


Sports researchers and a growing number of AFL players, including (L to R) Francesca, Abby, Piper, Jasmine and Grace of the Caulfield Grammar premieres, and parents are advocating for greater awareness of breast protection in the field.Credit:Chris Hopkins


Libby Birch of Melbourne and Monique Conti of Richmond think breast protection on the pitch makes sense. They endorse the Boob Armor product.Credit:Chris Hopkins


Photographer Bill Henson with an exhibition of his works at the Tolarno Galleries. One of Australia’s most famous photographers claims that the so-called cancellation culture destroys the work of the past at the expense of creating meaningful art in the future.Credit:Joe armao


Residents of Mount Dandenong (left to right) Nessa Aledo, Karen Placido, Jody Howell and Christine Stewart with their children Lucy, Lily, Riley and Hugo.Credit:Eddie jim


Firefighters inspect the scene of the accident near Moorabbin Airport. Police believe the plane struck trees after taking off from Melbourne’s south-eastern suburb training center and airport on Tuesday just after noon.

Credit:Simon schluter


Sweatmaster Health and Fitness co-owner Leigh Witney estimates that 20% of members left during the three-week shutdown in June, costing between $ 5,000 and $ 7,000 per week.Credit:Joe armao


Author Huda Hayek says we need more diverse characters in children’s literature. Hayek wrote Huda and Me for all Australian children but especially for those like her: who eat falafel for lunch, whose parents have Middle Eastern accents.Credit:Justin mcmanus


Di McDonald wears a security watch to alert friends and family to call the police if she feels unsafe after prolonged stalking.Credit:Jason South


Mount Evelyn resident Therese Harris receives assistance from an ADF team operating out of Olinda CFA.Credit:Joe armao


Tim Stewart is keen to switch from a hybrid vehicle to a fully electric vehicle, but says he cannot afford it under Victorian government policies.Credit:Justin mcmanus


Geoff O’Brien says surviving polio didn’t give him time for people to reject the COVID-19 vaccine.Credit:Wayne taylor


Liz Sonntag, aka Tinky with her miniature dioramas featured in the “Doll House: Miniature Worlds of Wonder” exhibit at Como House.Credit:Simon schluter


Melbourne hairstylist Sofia Basile did not want to be vaccinated against AstraZeneca and is now considering getting the Pfizer vaccine.Credit:Penny stephens


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