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The Crucible Winter Sale Includes Items Over 50% Off


Whether you need a new kettle to brew tea or a complete cast iron set to cook hot meals, you’ll want to head to The Cruciblesale section immediately. The iconic French brand is currently offering tons of Black Friday-level deals on kitchen essentials – we’re talking 30 and 40% off, with some even reaching up to 50% off.

Below Le Creuset specialty section, you can find the hottest sales going on right now. This includes products from many of the brand’s notable collections: non-stick, stainless steel, and melting. There are even mixed material sets over 30% off. If you’re not looking to add much more to your current cookware collection (or if you’re just low on storage right now), you can also get unique products like a kettle for $60 or a square grill for $110.

Looking for even smaller accessories to up your cooking game? At Le Creuset mini round casserole dish is on sale for just $20, and its salt and pepper mill set is available for $71. You’ll also find plenty of pans, for everything from pizza making to baking, all at a great price.

Whenever Le Creuset has a sale, the brand’s products go fast. So if you have your eye on something, whether it’s for yourself or a piece you want to gift, there’s no time to waste!

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