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The Real Story Behind Child’s Play: What Really Happened


When you think of killer dolls in horror movies, there’s always one that comes to mind. It has spanned generations and stood the test of time through sequels, TV spinoffs, and remakes. He is the king of the gross mouth killer dolls. He is Chucky. Chucky, the main antagonist of Child’s play franchise, first stepped outside the box in 1988 and has retained its relevance in pop culture even today. The franchise consists of seven films and a remake released in 2019.

In the 1988 original, Chucky the doll was born out of a voodoo ritual performed by killer Charles Lee Ray, who is played by Brad Dourif. After being shot and wounded during a police chase, Ray transfers his soul into a nearby “Good Guys” doll. Although the plot of the film is entirely fictional, one aspect is true – Child’s play is based on a true story.


Robert the doll

Cursed dolls are no stranger to the horror genre and are often where some viewers draw the line when it comes to the movies they’re featured in. The first scary doll to appear in a horror movie dates back to 1929, and its echoes can be heard from chucky at annabelle. It all seems like fun and fun until these hauntings turn into actual nightmares. The story of Robert the Doll dates back to 1906 when he was given to a young boy named Robert Eugene Otto who resided in Key West, Florida. The stories surrounding young Otto’s acquisition of the doll have varied myths, however, the young boy’s love for Robert was undeniable and even continued until his death. According Dark Atlas, Robert is Key West’s most cursed object. Many myths and legends have circulated around Robert and his connection to the afterlife. However, Robert’s story begins in the family home of the Ottos. As quoted by MomM!athe family began to hear laughter and strange footsteps in the middle of the night, and those who passed by the house claimed to have seen the doll move in and out of the window frame.

Robert lived with Otto until his death, then was entrusted to the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Lovers of the weird and quirky flock to the museum to visit Robert, and according to museum curator Cori Convertito, Robert gets a lot of fan mail. Atlas Obscura also cites that those who do not ask permission to take Robert’s picture or who are outwardly rude to him have experienced a series of bad luck, so much so that these people write apology letters to Robert.

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Birth of a major franchise

As far-fetched as the franchise may be, Child’s play and the big bad Chucky, has earned its place among the best horror slashers. Traces of Robert the Doll can be seen sprinkled throughout the first Child’s play film. Some examples include the powdered footsteps, running through the hallways, and whispered conversations of Andy (played by Alex Vincent) before Chucky is truly revealed. However, Chucky’s design was inspired by the My Buddy dolls that were introduced by toy conglomerate Hasbro in the late 80s. It wasn’t Tiffany’s inspiration in later films. chucky has toyed with the horror genre for the past 34 years, and there seems to be no stopping the doll’s popularity. The franchise is home to eight movies and a TV series on Syfy, the second season of which is set to premiere October 5, 2022, and will see the return of Jennifer Tilly and several other characters from the franchise. Chucky, as unthreatening as he may seem, will forever remain among the greats of horror slashers and killer dolls.