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The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror’s Surprising Influences


In the season 3 episode of fuzzy area, the cryptographers work long and hard to decipher the title, but they’re halfway through class three before they realize they’re reading a cookbook. Lisa, the most progressive member of the family, exposes her own family as a bunch of xenophobes. Sure, there were monsters on this alien ship, and they ate too much and underestimated. Hey, whether you’re cooking four humans or 40, Marge is a “quite a dish” in any galaxy.

6 literary lacerations

The simpsons launches the book in their “Treehouse of Horror” chapters as pranksters throw rolls of toilet paper into trees the night before Halloween, the scariest of all nights, because that’s when all the seizures of Last minute sweets are made. The very premise of the annual event is to tell frightening stories in the limbs of an indifferent twig. Books are made from trees, and every member of the Simpson family has contributed to deforestation. Even Bart Simpson has finished novels. Most of them are horror classics, which makes these six choices all the more, and yet much less, literary.

Dr Hibbert’s Island

Homer can be quite gentle, when he wants to be, but his true nature is revealed among the beasts. This segment “Treehouse of Horror XIII” is a parody of Dr Moreau’s Island by HG Wells. In, and on, “Dr. Hibbert’s Island,” the Springfield resident physician rams a scalpel into the farm, and Marge is the first bride. “Think what Shakespeare could have accomplished if he had had eagle eyes,” enthuses Dr. Hibbert over a sumptuous turkey / Professor Frink hybrid meat dinner, complete with chestnut stuffing, rare enough to scream. in agony. It’s a perfect setup for a discussion of the frightening opportunities of timeshares.

Apart from a few Darwinian misadventures, it seems that the secret getaway to the island is an unnatural paradise, because The simpsons find possibilities never before seen in the history of Mr. Wells. Homer scratches the itch of Marge’s blue panther and questions his humanity. In an animal society where everyone just has to eat, mate, sleep, mate, eat, wallow in dirt for a while, then eat, mate and sleep again, why miss all the pleasure ?

Easy to bake coven

Easy-Bake Coven, ”from“ Treehouse of Horror VIII, ”was rated TV-666. It is loosely based on Arthur Miller’s 1952 play The crucible, and its 1996 film adaptation, but is more of a commentary on the era. During a trial scene, Edna Krabappel wears a big red letter “A”, which is a nod to the most representative novel of the time. The scarlet letter. I cannot decide whether the mayor of the town of Sprynge-Fielde, around 1649, was more or less lenient than the officials at the Salem witch-trial. Quimby orders that the witches burn at the stake until they are deemed fit to return to society. Not precisely a death sentence, but somehow much worse. “It should show God which side we are on,” Ned enthuses at the blaze.

When Marge is accused of witchcraft, she benefits from due process: she is given a broomstick and pushed off a cliff, if she falls into an honorable Christian death, it proves that she is innocent. If she escapes by devilry, she must return to be beheaded. Lisa throws them the right book, pleading for the passage that says “don’t judge.” Chief Wiggum points out that “The Bible says a lot. Standing up like a witch, Marge swears revenge. Patty and Selma plan to steal everyone’s shoes, but when Ned and Maude fear the witches will eat the children, the three witches set out to fire Rod and Todd. When Flanders exchange candy for toddlers, it becomes the story of the first caramel cod. Too bad the Bouvier sisters had plenty of children. A historical note, Hasbro’s Easy-Bake oven was not available in the New World in 1649.

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