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The unusual reason why Margot Robbie feared she was ‘not so great’ in her breakout role


Margot Robbie is one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses. She has only been on the scene for a few years but has made big waves in the entertainment industry. From his breakout role in Leonardo DiCaprio’s drama the wolf of Wall Street to a star suicide squad, Robbie has received acclaim from audiences and critics alike for her range and versatility. Although Robbie often plays confident and tough characters, the actor was unsure of his role in the wolf of Wall Streetonce admitted that she didn’t think she would be great for the role.

When did Margot Robbie become a star?

Margot Robbie at the New York premiere of “The Wolf of Wall Street” in 2013 | Jim Spellman/WireImage

Margot Elise Robbie was born in Australia on July 2, 1990. Raised in Queensland, she studied acting as a teenager while working multiple jobs to earn her own money. Eventually, Robbie moved to Melbourne to seriously pursue an acting career, determined to make a splash in the entertainment industry. Even as a high school student, her beauty and talent turned heads and she starred in several Australian movies and TV series, according to IMDb.

From 2008 to 2011, Robbie appeared on the Australian show Neighbors, but by the end of her tenure, she had decided to head to Hollywood. Her breakthrough didn’t come until a few years later, when Martin Scorsese cast her in his 2013 dark comedy, the wolf of Wall Streetopposite superstar Leonardo DiCaprio.

What did Margot Robbie say about her role in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’?

Although Margot Robbie caused a stir as Naomi Lapaglia in the highly publicized film, she later admitted that she was terribly nervous working with entertainment heavyweights DiCaprio and Scorsese.

In a 2017 interview with Wonderland Magazine, she revealed that she never thought her performance in the wolf of Wall Street would cost a lot. “When I was playing Naomi in The Wolf of Wolf Street, it was so sexy fast paced. I was fully aware that the script line was “sexiest blonde ever,” Robbie recalls.

“I’m clearly not the sexiest blonde ever. I was just terrified that people would see the movie and be like, ‘Uh! She’s not that great.

She obviously sold herself short. Scorsese later revealed that Robbie immediately impressed him when she auditioned for the role.

“With Margot, you can recall some classic precedents,” Scorsese said in an interview with Time 100. for her emotional darling.

The iconic director recalled that when Robbie chose to slap DiCaprio in a spontaneous moment during his audition, he immediately knew she was the right actor to play Naomi.

See her next as an iconic doll in ‘Barbie’

Margot Robbie has appeared in several major films since her breakout role in the wolf of Wall Street and has won numerous accolades. But his latest might just be the most iconic.

Oscar-nominated actor takes on the role of the titular supermodel doll in the upcoming film Barbie. As the first action film based on Barbie, the project generated considerable buzz. With Ryan Gosling as Ken, Barbie is set to hit theaters in July 2023.

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