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The weekend reads: How to position your investments before the Federal Reserve causes a bear market


Remember all the times Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said inflation in the United States was “transient”? With the Fed now poised to fight inflation, the bond market quickly priced in a period of tighter monetary policy by nearly doubling the yield on 10-year US Treasuries to 2.94% from 1.51% at the end of 2021. .

In an interview with Jonathan Burton, Hedgeye Risk Management CEO Keith McCullough explains why he thinks the Fed’s inflation policies are still “too tight, too late” and offers advice for investors who want to prepare for a short-term bear market. for stocks.

Andrew Keshner and Jacob Passy have more advice on how consumers and investors can prepare for a recession.

Why inflation may be here to stay

Inflation is driven by demand, not supply constraints, according to Jason Furman, professor of economic policy practice at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Is it time to buy bonds?

When interest rates rise, bond prices fall. That’s what happened this year. So when would be a good time to start buying bonds? Mark Hulbert argues that bond prices could soon come back up.

The case for dividend stocks right now

MarketWatch photo illustration/iStockphoto

Mark Hulbert explains why dividend stocks can be particularly important for investors during periods of high inflation.

Continue reading: These 15 Dividend Aristocrat stocks win top prizes for increasing payouts

Stock market investors have turned sour – can this work to your advantage?

Michael Brush takes a contrarian look at the stock market, with “exceptionally bad” sentiment creating what could be a lucrative period driven by these four catalysts.

Brush also interviews Wall Street veteran Bob Doll, who names 12 favorite stocks in what he expects to be a traders market.

What type of retirement account is right for you?


Alessandra Malito explains the difference between traditional and Roth Individual Retirement Accounts. Now watch his financial face-off with Brett Arends, in which each argues for a particular type of IRA. The video includes two additional face-offs: buying a car versus leasing and the pros and cons of health savings accounts.

Turmoil in Streaming Land

set of facts

The chart above shows the forward price-to-earnings ratios of Netflix shares over the past five years, compared to those of the benchmark S&P 500 index. On April 20, Netflix shares plunged 35% after that the company estimated it would lose 2 million subscribers in the second quarter. The former high-flying Netflix now trades at a forward P/E of 19.2, barely above the S&P 500 forward P/E of 18.8.

With fierce competition between so many streaming services, the fall of Netflix, and the announcement that CNN+ would shut down just a month after its launch, Andrew Keshner wonders if the streaming industry has reached its peak.

More Netflix and streaming coverage:

Your metaverse doctor will see you now

Source: Arab Prince

Some music industry veterans have used virtual reality to promote entertainment or gaming services. But Arabian Prince, a member of rap group NWA in the late 1980s, is developing a “photo-realistic” virtual reality health service, as he explains in an interview with Vivien Lou Chen.

Learn more about the metaverse
  • Christine Idzelis interviews Kathryn Condon, Head of Marketing Channels and Emerging Platforms at Fidelity, who describes the fund management company’s virtual reality approach to teaching the basics of investing.

  • Have you considered buying virtual assets? It is better to be careful, as Joao Marinotti explains.

What future for Tesla?

A Tesla Model Y on display in Culver City, California.


Tesla reported surprisingly strong quarterly results amid supply issues and the closure of its Shanghai factory as the Chinese government pledges to contain the coronavirus.

But analysts are questioning Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s predictions that the company’s new “robotaxi” will go into mass production in 2024.

Barron’s Al Root wonders if Tesla will become another Google – or another Netflix.

Already in preparation for the holidays

How soon is too soon? In Hasbro’s case, tight supply chains mean sweeping changes for 2022, as Tonya Garcia explains.

Why are taxpayers building stadiums for wealthy sports team owners?

Getty Images

Victor Matheson argues that New York taxpayers are being hurt as the state subsidizes a new football stadium.

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