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This $ 250,000 trip includes luggage, louboutins and your own coat of arms


When a trip costs around a quarter of a million dollars, expectations are high. Will you go around the globe (twice)? Meet a raj? Visit the moon? (Consider that a space travel on Virgin Galactic was going for the same price.) But a London-based luxury travel company has designed a vacation that will impress even the world’s biggest rollers. Hurlingham Travel partners with the website VeryFirstTo.com to offer two travelers a unique trip through London, Paris, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Munich and Brussels. At every stop along the way, lucky travelers will collect decadent bespoke gifts, even going so far as to call it a “Bespoke Your Life” trip. Customers will have access to services and products that literally money alone cannot buy.

Each of the 18 nights of the trip will be spent in a five-star hotel (such as


in London) and by land in first business class on the Eurostar between cities. At each stop, travelers will have their own private driver and luxury car on duty 24 hours a day in case they want to explore or make an unscheduled stop.

Briton Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo.com and tour architect, says his passion for travel fuels the revolutionary nature of his business. “My company wants to be the first to create life changing trips,” he says. “For each travel concept, we want to create trips that have never been done before. This trip is for travel enthusiasts who want the things they buy to be quite unique.

Over the course of his long career in the hospitality industry, Knobil has forged countless relationships and developed relationships that have helped make such trips a reality. “One of the priorities of this trip,” he says, “was to find the right geographic location. America does customization well, but Europe has an incredible flair for bespoke products.

“We have great ties with Givenchy, Longchamp, the heroes of Savile Row. We have relationships with people who are the best in tailor-made; we want to work with professionals who are admired and respected in their niche. In London we will take you to Earl Marshal’s Court to request the design and creation of your own coat of arms. After that we will go to Toye, Kenning and Spencer have a dye created to be able to make buttons and cufflinks [with your new] coat of arms. We let you design a pair of shoes with artisans at Christian Louboutin in Paris, where you will also receive your own set of luggage at Longchamp and her-and-she-or her-and-her or her-and-she-scents to Custom perfume and a unique dress Givenchy. We will have a scaled-down version of your house, or one of your houses, turned into a dollhouse.

These beautiful European souvenirs are made just for you

When it comes to keepsakes, nothing beats the article found only here, made just for you. That said, not all custom shirt makers, shoemakers or tailors are worth the wait. To make your life easier, we’ve sifted through the black books of the world’s most discerning buyers and travelers to come up with the ultimate bespoke list. You’re welcome.

Other items you can take home: handmade Marini Calzature Rome shoes, Vacheron Constantin Geneva watches, a personalized stained glass window from Munich, a Brioni suit from Milan and a pair of bespoke bikes from studio Meestrecht in Amsterdam.

Knobil and the rest of the VeryFirstTo staff organized all visits to the bespoke artisans – perfumers, dressmakers and designers – during the trip, and partnered up with Britian’s Hurlingham trip to pay for ground transportation. “Hurlingham has excellent relationships with all the best five star hotels, Eurostar train travel and the best ground transport across Europe”, while thanks to Knobil connections travelers are allowed entry into workshops , workshops and studios that few people ever see. . This access is the very definition of luxury and service. “It’s a seamless luxury trip, once you’re in our hands everything is taken care of and you don’t have to worry about a thing anymore.”

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