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This dollhouse-style Welling bungalow is for sale for over £ 300,000


There is more to this lovely bungalow than it looks.

This is a bedroom, bathroom and reception room in Zoopla Market for the low price of £ 310,000.

The terraced house on Westmoreland Avenue in southern Welling is next door to homes with more stories, which makes it look like something out of a doll world.

It has its own large paved driveway surrounded by fences, and features a spacious and modern interior.

Entering a gray carpeted hallway with neutral walls, the bungalow has more than enough space inside – unlike what it might appear from the front.

The hallway leads to a kitchen with wooden floors with gray worktops and glossy white cabinets – with plenty of space for cooking.

It is connected to a dining room with room for a table and several chairs, perfect for entertaining.

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The kitchen has doors to the garden – although Zoopla said “rear access is subject to legal verification”.

The garden appears to be in need of a little maintenance, with overgrown and dead grass leading to an outdoor shelter.

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The bungalow reception hall is currently a large empty space, with plenty of room to be done yourself and decorated accordingly.

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Next door, the generous bedroom is also empty, but is the perfect shell to become a cozy and warm place to sleep.

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The bedroom has an en-suite bathroom with a white tiled floor, a bathtub, a built-in shower, a toilet and a sink.

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For £ 310,000, this tiny bungalow has a lot of potential, and a lot more to offer than its doll-like exterior might suggest.

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