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This extravagant house for sale in Bath is like a mini castle


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Anyone else a fan of unique properties? Never mind that personally I’ll probably never own a house in Maine (insert a “not in this economy” meme here). I spend too much time on sites like Realtor and Zillow.

I have just found a property that takes the cake fresh, and it is located in the city of Bath. Not only is it an incredible property, it also has a deep history dating back to the 1700s, the birth of the state of Maine and our very first Governor, William King.

Governor William King

Like many politicians, King was a wealthy man. According to DownEastHe was from an affluent family in Scarborough who fell on hard times at college age. Turns out, that might have been the best thing for King, as he’s ventured down an impressive path.

He eventually became a shipowner, was the originator of Bath’s first bank, owned Maine’s first cotton mill in Brunswick, and was a real estate magnate in his day. Before Maine became a state, he was a representative for Topsham and then Bath in the Massachusetts legislature. according to Maine an Encyclopedia.

King was one of the big players in the separation of Massachusetts in 1820 and won an overwhelming majority of votes to be our first governor. However, he was not governor for long, as he resigned in 1821.

40 Whiskeag Road, Bath, Maine

King, of course, had a summer residence located in Bath. At the time, the property was called Stonehouse Farm, says BottomEast. At the top of the house was a cupola that screams royalty. And for his time, King definitely was.

This home is now marketed as the William King House and is listed by Katherine Leeman and listed by Legacy Properties Sotheby’s International Realty for $825,000. The listing shows 4 bedrooms, 3.5+ bathrooms and 4,758 square feet.

This is a property fit for a king. Check it out below or check out the full list here!

Governor OG of Maine’s house in Bath is for sale and it’s basically a mini castle

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