Home Doll sale This wildly popular Baby Yoda toy is on sale for $26 at Amazon

This wildly popular Baby Yoda toy is on sale for $26 at Amazon


Star Wars “The Child” Plush ($25.89) from Amazon.


Call him “Baby Yoda” or call him, uh, “The Child” – either way, this hugely popular junior Yoda is a hit with kids. Right now, you can get the doll for just $25.89 on Amazon.

Star Wars Plush 'The Child'

Star Wars Plush ‘The Child’

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Inspired by ‘The Mandalorian’ TV series which was a hit with little kids and grown-ups alike, this Yoda figure captures the Jedi Master as he was just starting out as a simple tot – and the 11-inch toy is even comes with its own satchel, just like the one he carried in the show’s second season. The toy itself is built to stand on its own two feet, so kids can take it on adventures across the galaxy (and beyond) without having to hold it up all the time.

Plus, this Baby Yoda is super fun to play with, especially for young kids: the doll is really squishy, ​​making it a delight for little fingers to squeeze, push, cuddle — kids can even put their arms down, figure’s legs and ears. . If they squeeze his finger, Grogu will even recite some of their favorite lines from “The Mandalorian” season two, putting little imaginations right in the middle of the action.

No matter what adventure the kids take him on, it’s safe to say this little guy is ready to go and ready for action (when he’s not lugging around in his satchel, of course). This Grogu is aimed at young children over the age of three, but it will appeal to fans of the series, regardless of age.