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Top 10 Netflix Shows and Movies: What’s New and Trending Today, October 7


James Spader, The black list

Zach Dilgard/NBC

Netflix did not blacklist The black list. The James Spader NBC drama, which just added its ninth season to Netflix, returns to the streamer’s Top 10 TV Shows list on Friday, October 7, coming in at No. 5. But can Red Reddington eliminate? Dahmer? Not yet. On the film side, the adaptation of Stephen King Mr. Harrigan’s phone climbs to No. 1, and Sing 2 joins the chart at No. 10. You can’t hold back these singing animals.

But popular does not necessarily mean good. Below we list the top 10 movies and shows on Netflix and give our quick opinion on whether they are really worth watching or not. We’ve also added what’s new on Netflix today so you can find out what’s making the top 10 list tomorrow.

New Netflix shows and movies today

  • Conversations with a Killer: The Tapes of Jeffrey Dahmer: This docuseries features newly discovered taped interviews with Dahmer.
  • Derry Girls: Season 3: The Derry Girls take on history again in the comedy’s final season.
  • doll house: A troubled rock singer tries to mend his relationship with his daughter.
  • Problem: A young woman teams up with a UFO enthusiast to investigate the disappearance of her boyfriend.
  • Kev Adams: The Real Me: The French comic realizes how his life has changed since his big break.
  • The luckiest girl in the world: Mila Kunis stars as a writer whose life unfolds as she must confront dark secrets from her past.
  • Man on break: A fifty-year-old father decides to change his life.
  • The Midnight Club: Mike Flanagan’s latest series follows a group of terminally ill teenagers who tell each other ghost stories.
  • The mole: The secret saboteur contest series is reimagined for Netflix.
  • Oddballs: A bubble-shaped boy has adventures with his best friends.
  • The elderly: A woman at a wedding must defend her family when old people go on a killing spree.
  • The exchange team: This documentary looks at the 2008 USA Men’s Olympic Basketball Team.
  • Tyler & Bunny 2 Part 2: Superheroine Blue Rose decides to return to her old life as a teenage girl who loves to sing.

Today’s 10 Best Netflix TV Shows

Nicole Byer, nailed!  Halloween

Nicole Byer, Nailed it!


1. Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

For fans of: The Ryan Murphy Effect, True Crime
Is it good?: It’s engaging, but like most Ryan Murphy shows, has serious flaws
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 1

2. The Empress

For fans of: The Crown, Victoria, Bridgerton
Is it good?: Yes, it’s a well-made period drama that will thrill you
Trailer | Ranking yesterday: 2

3. empire bling

For fans of: The inner life of exorbitant, rich and expensive clothes
Is it good?: This is a must-have for any reality TV fan
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 3

4. high water

For fans of: True stories of natural disasters
Is it good?: It’s a bit like Netflix Chernobyl
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 4

5. The black list

For fans of: Twists, James Spader do that James Spader thing
Is it good?: It’s a solid, fun and ridiculous network thriller
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: n/a

6. El Rey, Vicente Fernandez

For fans of: Music, true stories, Jaime Camil
Is it good?: It’s a fun and easy watch
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 6

seven. Dynasty

For fans of: Messy rich families
Is it good?:It’s a soapy CW drama, so it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 7

8. Nailed it! Halloween

For fans of: Spooky spooky amateur baking, be happy
Is it good?: It’s as delicious as Nailed it! is always
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 5

9. Malverde: Boss El Santo

For fans of: Westerns, telenovelas, folk heroes
Is it good?: It’s an Entertaining, International Emmy-Nominated Saga of a Mexican Robin Hood Figure
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 10

ten. Conversations with a Killer: The Recordings of John Wayne Gacy

For fans of: true crime, clowns
Is it good?: It’s great if you like to learn more about serial killers
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 9

More on Netflix:

Today’s Top 10 Netflix Movies

Ana de Armas, Blonde

Ana de Armas, Blond


1. Mr. Harrigan’s phone

For fans of: Stephen King adaptations, intergenerational friendships
Is it good?: It’s not very memorable or very scary
Trailer | Ranking yesterday: 2

2. Last seen alive

For fans of: Gerard Butler’s Thrillers
Is it good?: When you see those “Vertical Entertainment/Voltage Pictures” title cards, you know you’re in a bad movie
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 1

3. Legacy

For fans of: Powerful families with very dark secrets
Is it good?: It’s not!
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 3

4. jexi

For fans of: His for Dummies
Is it good?: No, and Adam DeVine and Rose Byrne don’t deserve this
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 8

5. Peak hour

For fans of: Jackie Chan, action comedies between friends cops
Is it good?: This is also the best of this kind of film lethal weapon
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 5

6. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

For fans of: Movie star charisma, behind-the-scenes drama
Is it good?: This action-comedy isn’t as good as it could be, which is why we’re thrilled with Donald Glover’s TV version
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 4

seven. Robin Hood

For fans of: Gladiatordark and gritty narratives
Is it good?: Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott can’t recapture the magic of their previous historic action collab
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 6

8. Blond

For fans of: Marilyn Monroe, Ana de Armas
Is it good?: This is disappointing and generally disrespectful to Monroe
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 7

9. Rush hour 2

For fans of: Typical sequelae of deteriorated quality
Is it good?: His Peak hour but in Hong Kong, and not as well
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: 9

ten. Sing 2

For fans of: Singing animals, famous voices, popular music
Is it good?: Kids love it
Trailer | Yesterday’s ranking: n/a

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The best TV shows on Netflix right now

Julia Garner, Ozark

Julia Garner, ozark

Tina Rowden/Netflix