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Top 10 toy predictions for Christmas 2021


Soon it will be that time of year again when the little ones write these wish lists to Santa Claus.

With so much to choose from, it can be hard to find the toys they’ll love the most.

That’s why online retailer BargainMax – which has been around since 2011 but was recently spurred on by a seven-figure investment from HSBC – has put together a list of toys that it predicts will be the best-selling over Christmas.

The House of Branded Toys, Games and Collectibles has cut back thousands of toys and accessories to unveil “This Year’s Must-Have Gifts”.

There are some well-known brands on the list, including the incredibly popular LOL Surprise, so don’t hang around if something catches your eye.

Hey Duggee plush chair is one of BargainMax’s 10 best Christmas toys

Here are her top 10 toys for Christmas 2021

The latest version of Barbie dream house is the perfect choice for children who want to let their imaginations run wild. Priced at £ 309.99, this dream dollhouse is made up of three separate floors and 10 separate indoor and outdoor living areas.

If the recent Paw Patrol movie was the summer hit for your family, then bring Adventure City headquarters to your home with the Ultimate City Transformation Tour, available for £ 159.99. With Chase’s cruiser, clip-on backpack, and six included Paw Patrol figures, you can have fun right out of the box.

For the latest news from LOL Surprise! range, consult the LOL Surprise! OMG 4 in 1 Glamper, currently £ 99.99 on BargainMax.co.uk. With over 55 surprises to unbox and over 10 layouts, dolls can party as they slide down the 2-story waterslide, swim in the illuminated pool, and then get ready for their star moment at the vanity.

The latest version of the Barbie Dream House

If you are looking for a bedroom accessory for your little one, the Hey Duggee plush chair tops the list as one of the best sellers currently on the site. At £ 49.99, it’s a warm and welcoming place where they can snuggle up for story time or sit and watch their favorite Hey Duggee episodes before bed.

When it comes to dolls and playsets, the Hauck Malibu 2in1 Unicorn Doll Travel System is meant to be the ultimate accompaniment to any doll collection. Featuring a large basket, retractable awning, swivel front wheels, adjustable ergonomic handle, and removable car seat, this is the perfect doll transport system. Hauk Malibu is currently available for just £ 49.99.

For those who love toys at full throttle, the Hot Wheels Massive Loop Chaos is a must buy. This all-new range is available for £ 54.99 locally and features a massive 70cm wide loop designed for multi-car play, delivering hours of high-octane fun.

Alternatively, if your kids have a real need for speed, why not go for the Nerf Blaster Inline Scooter with Blaster and Darts. Ideal for older riders who have mastered 3 wheels, the scooter comes with a handlebar mounted Nerf blaster and 5 pellets in a cool rod case – available for just £ 33.99.

It wouldn’t be a Christmas list without LOL Surprise!

Still coming from the North Pole and in time for Christmas, the Piggy Mystery Head Bundle (£ 39.99), Kindi Kids S5 Bubble N Sing (£ 29.99), and Cocomelon Musical Bedtime JJ doll (£ 29.99) are expected. all arrive on the retailer’s virtual shelves over the next couple of months.

According to Emma Carden, buyer of BargainMax, the three products should be among the most requested items of the season.

Emma said, “All of these products are set to deliver big smiles on Christmas Day, with suppliers and manufacturers investing heavily in products as they count down to the big day.

“We are carefully reviewing our audience’s demand and research to ensure we can deliver the most wanted toys and games this Christmas. With a mission to always deliver value, we have amazing, time-limited deals and discounts onsite, which means we can meet any budget.

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