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Two-bed apartment on sale for £ 174,500 with ‘crazy’ bathroom leaves people bewildered


A two-bedroom apartment was listed for £ 174,500 – and viewers of the incredible property were stunned.

The Illinois, US apartment has a very distinctive style and went viral on social media after people were able to peek inside.

It is listed on Zillow, which describes it as a “large resort” with “great views”.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, it was summed up as “like living in a terrible wedding cake”.

Understandably, the property has become a source of debate, with people divided over the decor.

One person admitted, “Watching this itches my skin”, but others were much more positive.

The unusual decor caught people’s attention

“I have to say I like it. You have to stick to that commitment to a theme, and the decorator clearly found joy in that!” Said another.

A third joked, “It has the permanent scent of roses and baby power and comes with a ghost that will constantly tell you to wipe your feet and watch out for the white carpet.”

Bedroom with lots of ruffle curtains and a pink velvet chair
The property has gone viral

From the outside the apartment looks like a very standard normal two bed and the elegant common areas are kept clean.

There are plenty of on-site facilities including a pool, cardio room, and library, which is always welcome.

But people were left in stitches in decorating the apartment – which has rightly been described as a “fantastic little girl’s dollhouse”.

Living room with lots of dolls, statues and ruffled curtains
Many thought it looked like a dollhouse

The dining room is immaculate – so you’d be afraid to drop a cup of tea in there, as it would appear instantly.

It’s very chintzy – with almost all surfaces covered in material, while there are a number of dolls dotted around the room.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is very pink and rather sweet and even features custom lace over the sink to finish off the look.

living room with pink ruffled tablecloths and lots of ruffle curtains
Listed at £ 174,500, the property is available on Zillow

And the living room continues on that theme – with more frills and frills than you can possibly get.

The bathroom is truly amazing and has become a particularly popular talking point for many on social media.

Who knew you could get a ruffled pink shower curtain? Silk toilet and tank seat covers are also a pretty unique choice.

Another photo of the living room
Naturally, the unusual design attracted a lot of attention

Many were taken aback by the number of velor seats and what looks like a golden statue in the shower.

One person admitted, “It took a little too long for me to realize it was a bathroom,” while another joked, “I wouldn’t want to sit on that toilet.”

A third added: “I don’t see anything terrible here. Very decent and good number of chairs for a bathroom.”

Dining room
People were divided over the unusual interior design

But one reviewer admitted: “The bathroom sent chills down my spine.”

Another warned: “Toilet mat. Two words that will haunt your nightmares.

But overall, the apartment won over a lot of people, even just for the fun of looking at the pictures.

“Crazy real estate ads are my favorite. I browse the photos: “Beautiful exterior, large rooms, quite cozy decor, GOD IN THE SKY, IT’S LIKE MILLS & BOON EXPLOSED,” one viewer joked.

One man added: “It makes Barbara Cartland look understated… (Also: how the hell do you get to the ~ scalloped ~ shower after all that beanbag?)”

A third simply said, “Insane. But delicious. Much more exciting than the gray vomiting nightmares we continue to see on Rightmove.”


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