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Why Detroit Frankie’s On Pennsylvania is closed



You just arrived.

We literally mean it.

It was just in July that we were excited to tell you about Detroit Frankie’s and Good Truckin ‘food opening a new place in Pennsylvania.

Detroit Frankie’s has been around for a while. You would be hard pressed to speak badly about Frankie (who is a local legend), the staff and most importantly the food.

So how do you improve this?

You open a second location in Pennsylvania. Always serve this amazing pizza. You bring friends in the form of Good Truckin ‘Food. Yes, like in Good Truckin ‘Diner.

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This is exactly what they did and the people of Lansing were very happy and delighted.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

So what happened to Detroit Frankie’s second location?

A little less than 6 months later, what had happened with so much love and fanfare is just a memory.

No other real explanation has been given on social media, but we’ve seen this movie unfold with so many local restaurants struggling to stay open after the pandemic. From staff shortages to the rising cost of operations, there can be several factors.

Why speculate when we hear from the man himself Frank Tignanelli.

“I really liked the store,” he said Wednesday morning. “I think there was a good vibe but the expense of things… I should have tripled the volume of business I was doing. It was just way too much work for too little profit and I couldn’t see that it’s getting better. “(yahoo news / LSJ)

While this is sad news, there are a few bright spots we want to highlight.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

According to the above announcement, Good Truckin ‘Food will remain in place and will remain open in Pennsylvania.

Also note, The West Detroit Frankie location at 644 Migaldi Ln Lansing, MI 48917 (just south of the West Saginaw Freeway) will remain open. We called and they confirmed.

Take a look below at the photo gallery we took in July just after they opened.

Lansing’s new pizzeria is super local and we’ll let you take a peek inside

Enter Detroit Frankie’s 2nd Lansing Store, where you’ll find plenty of local produce and Good Truckin ‘Food.

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