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Why Severance’s Ms. Casey looks so familiar


Ms. Casey obviously has an intriguing role to play in ‘Severance’ – and she’s played by the brilliant Dichen Lachman. The Aussie star got her first big break on soap opera ‘Neighbours’ in 2005 as Katya Kinski. She’s a sharp-tongued nurse who comes to Erinsborough to visit her dying father Alex (Andrew Clarke) and ends up getting involved in various criminal antics over the two years she’s been on the show. Much of Katya’s story sees her struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder after Robert Robinson (Adam Hunter) begins stalking her while impersonating her comatose twin brother, Cameron Robinson.

Robert ends up kidnapping her, holding her hostage as she plays with the hope of escaping. Eventually, Katya breaks free from her clutches, but it leaves her feeling incredibly vulnerable, and she has several dramatic relationships as a result of the ordeal. The role gave Lachman plenty to do, which showed just how versatile she is when it comes to character exploration. The end of her tenure on “Neighbors” explored Kinski’s criminal past, as she ends up having to revisit her life of crime to pay off her former associate, Guy Sykes (Fletcher Humphrys).

Katya Kinski may not be Lachman’s best-known role, but it proved the star could hold her own over a long streak in a truly entertaining role.